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 At Huby CE Primary School your child's safety is our main priority. In this rapidly changing world many of our children have access to many different devices which enable them to connect to the internet with the touch of a finger. Whilst it is important that we do not obstruct children from accessing the internet, it is equally important that we teach them how to use the internet safely and appropriately. It is our aim that staff at school and parents work in partnership to support children in accessing and navigating the online world safely.


Some of the issues that can arise are children:

  • accessing material that is inappropriate
  • being cyber-bullied by others on the internet through a wide range of sites and applications
  • accessing social networking sites and connecting with individuals that they do not know (children under the age of 13 should not have their own personal Facebook account)
  • playing adult rated games
  • sharing personal information on the internet with people they do not know

Please use this list of online resources to make yourself and your child fully aware of these risks and help your child to learn to use the internet safely.

 Snap Map Feature - July 2017

 You may have seen an article in the BBC News about this issue. This offers a

helpful explanation.