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Huby School's Green Team 

We are very lucky at Huby to have such an enthusiastic Green Team, working together to improve our school environment.

Already this year, the team have been hard at work in the Wildlife area, clearing leaves and tidying up. We have even had a few other helpers give up their lunchtime play to gather up leaves. Thank you everyone!

The Green Team in action...

Huby School Green Team

For the last few years we have had a Green Team operating in Huby School, and this year is no exception. Our team is made up of three children from each KS2 class. Within this we have also established a chair, vice chair and secretary.  

Huby Green Team 2014-15Huby Green Team 2014-15

So far this year we have gathered together some ideas on what we would like to achieve over the year. We are lucky to have a very enthusiastic group of children, keen to make improvements to our school environment. Our main three actions for the year are as follows:

1. Encourage the whole school to be more responsible and considerate of our wildlife area.
We aim to do this through new posters and signs around the wildlife area as well as a brief assembly to remind everyone of the rules for this area. The team are also trying to establish a rota for monitoring the wildlife area at break times and making sure everyone respects this valuable resource. 

2. Cut back, re-weave and maintain the willow arches.
This is a job that we intend to start when the weather is a b
it milder! 

3. Plant, tidy and maintain the wildlife area.
Everyone is very keen to source some new plants and tidy up the existing vegetation. There are a few areas which have become very muddy this winter and we would like to address this, as well as plant an area especially for birds, butterflies and other insects. Again, this is a job for spring time and warmer weather!      



In February  Green Team was awarded the SILVER Eco Schools Award. Well done to everyone in the Green Team for all their fantastic efforts and hard work.  The Green Team are now working towards the GOLD award. Click here to read their recent letter to parents.

Eventually we would like to achieve the GREEN Flag award.  Keep up the good work Green Team!

One of our eco top tips!One of our eco top tips!

Eco Board in Class 1Eco Board in Class 1



The Green Team holds regular meetings and ensures that Huby School is as 'green' as possible. For example, the children help with recycling, composting and collecting foil.  Each classroom has an 'Eco-Board' with top 'green' tips of the week, such as turning off lights and using screen savers.



Our New Willow Arch

Back in Spring 2012 the PTA planted a new willow arch on the back field. It is taken a while to grow but now we are all very much enjoying playing there during playtimes on fine days. Recently. the Green Team helped to tame the willow and shape arches and tunnels.


 The Green Team helping to tame the willow archThe Green Team helping to tame the willow arch




                            Spring 2012                               September 2012 This is how our Wildlife Garden used to look

Now we all enjoy going into the Wildlife Garden at playtimes






The Green Team have been hard at work trying to find ways to attract more wildlife to the area.  They made fat balls for the birds to eat over the winter.  The Green Team have plans to lay a variety of ground surfaces, sow new grass seed and plant some flowers to further improve the Wildlife Area. 

Look at our lovely new stepping stone path!


The PTA helped the Green Team develop our Wildlife Area. During the Easter Holidays some parents very kindly laid us a stepping-stone path from the playground to the pond area. Thank you very much PTA!




This is 'Connor's Corner' - our new outdoor classroom area in the Wildlife Garden.  Connor decided to raise some money to assist with the Wildlife Garden developments.  He organised a barn dance event  and half of the money raised as been used to build 'Connor's Corner'.

Well done Connor - Thanks for all your hard work!


Huby School Bug Hotel

Building our new bug hotelWe were all very excited when we heard the news that a brand new hotel was coming to Huby!

Have a look at the new Huby Bug Hotel - We've already welcomed our first guests!

Maintaining the Wildlife Garden  

Clearing the wildlife area

Huby Bug Hotel - currently under construction!



  We are all looking forward to seeing the developments as the renovation continues!