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The Government has made huge changes to how your child’s progress and attainment is assessed and this is to tie in with the New Curriculum which was introduced in 2014 for some year groups and for all year groups in September 2015. Here are the key changes and information on how your child’s progress and attainment will be tracked at Huby Primary School.

What has changed?

The DfE announced  that there would no longer be National Curriculum levels and schools would be allowed to set up their own way of assessing pupils. The DfE did this as they wanted to avoid what has been termed ‘The Level Race’ where children were moved through the old National Curriculum levels quickly to achieve higher attainment. The old national curriculum was subdivided into levels but these were not linked to their national curriculum year group.

What is new?

The new national curriculum has more content and is pitched higher. The old ‘levels’ will no longer be used and the curriculum now gives Age Related Expectations for each year group. Bands will replace levels to reference attainment with each bands relating to each year group.

How we will assess at Huby

Here are the new ‘bands’ we will be working with. Each band is roughly 3 terms of learning and can be broken into 3 main steps : Beginning/Towards/Mastered

B - if a child is Beginning that band and is yet to be secure in the end of year expectations.

A – If a child is working At the Age Related Expectations for that band and is secure in the majority of the end of year expectations.

M-   If a child has Mastered Age Related Expectations for that band and is exceptionally secure in all the end of year expectations and is able to use and apply their knowledge and skills confidently and is already working towards the next band.

Mastery of ARE expectations are very rigorous and it will only be pupils working at an exceptional level that will move into the next age band.

Under the old levels system children who were exceeding age related expectations may have moved into the next curriculum level. The DfE now want children who are in the mastering bracket to add more depth and breadth to their knowledge, and to have more opportunities to develop their using and applying skills and apply what they have learnt to a wide range of curriculum areas and problem solving situations. This is to ensure that children have a greater depth of knowledge. Guidance suggests that children should not be accelerated onto the following year’s Age Related Expectations unless under exceptional circumstances.  Please click on the links below for the guide outlining age related expectations for each year group.

Parents Guide for Year 1

Parents Guide for Year 2

Parents Guide for Year 3

Parents Guide for Year 4

Parents Guide for Year 5

Parents Guide for Year 6