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Welcome to Class 1


Mrs Carter teaches us on Wednesday Afternoons

 Miss Hibberd - Teaching Class 1.
& Mrs Carter - supporting Miss Hibberd and teaching Friday afternoons.

2017 -2018

Class 1.

Welcome to Class 1! This is the Reception class and we have fun everyday exploring and learning new things. The children have settled in extremely well and are enjoying life here at school. They have built strong relationships with their buddies and are building strong friendships with their peers.


The children have started playing Police and Ambulance games, which is leading us to learn about ‘People Who Help Us’ after October half term. We will also be learning about Winter, Christmas and the history of Christmas around the world and of course we will be preparing for our Christmas nativity, which the children are all extremely excited about.


What you need to bring.

PE kit – indoor and outdoor kit. Indoor kit – t-shirt and shorts. Outdoor kit – jogging bottoms, jumper and trainers. They can be left in school during term time and taken home at holidays.

Coats, Hats and Scarves – so we can go outdoors even if it’s a bit cold.

Reading books and Phonics books – need to be in school every day.


Home Learning

If your child achieves a task at home, please let us know, you can simply note it down on a post it and send it in with them and we will include it in their Learning Journey’s. Over the years we have had all sorts including:

  • Riding a bike with no stabilisers for the first time

  • Helping a parent/adult with a job around the house

  • Being really polite at a wedding/christening/party

  • Climbing up the stairs one foot to one step at a time

  • Building a model

  • Cooking/baking

  • Gardening

  • Drawings/work done at home

Continuing your learning at home is extremely important. Here in Reception we strongly suggest little and often. The children have all received their reading books and we encourage them to read to an adult four times a week, even if it’s just for 5 minutes – it doesn’t need to be the whole book. We hold a reading challenge in school, which the children also enjoy taking part in.


In Reception the children also have a maths target, called SMIRFs (Space Mission Instant Recall Facts) and the children will need to practise these throughout the week, we will then check them on a Friday and if they know them we move them onto a new target. The children in Reception are thrilled at being turned into little astronauts and are keen to move up the planets already! We have been doing SMIRFs for several years now and we have found they have helped to improve children's knowledge and that it has in turn helped their arithmetic and speed in answering questions.


We thank you for your continued support! If you have any questions, please contact us.



Articulation of the 44 phonemes is really important as the correct pronunciation enables your child to blend sounds together more easily. Click the link to hear the pronunciation of the sounds:

Phonics Play –

BBC bitesize –

Family Learning –

CBeebies  on tablets is also very good.

World Book Day

Whitby Trip

James Denny Visit - Olympic Diver

Christmas Church Service

Class 1 enjoying their Christmas Party

Image Gallery

Key Stage 1 Christmas Nativity


Autumn Term 2

Children in Need

On Friday 18th November the children in Class 1 came in their “Topsy Turvy” outfits. Everyone made a fantastic effort! There were pants on heads, pants on the outside of trousers, jeans inside out, tops back to front…it looked brilliant! Thank you to everyone for amazing participation and effort!


Just before lunch we sat down and talked about why we were raising money. The children astonished Mrs Carter and I as they knew it was to raise money for children who weren’t as lucky as them. We went on to explain that Children in Need collects the money and then sends it to other charities who use it to provide food, care, a holiday to children and families who are going through bad times. We looked at the story of a 9 year old who had cancer. Who was positive, determined and happy and whose aim was to learn to walk again. The children in Class 1 showed amazing compassion and empathy during the session. The children then gathered outside for their “Walking backwards race”. They really enjoyed themselves and we had several races!


Remembrance Day 

During the week of Remembrance Day the children learnt about why it was an important day and what we remember on that day. They all enjoyed creating a large poppy, talking about who was important to us and who we might remember and think of whilst we did it.


Bonfire Night…

We got really excited about Bonfire Night in Class 1, we created our very own collage of a bonfire! 

The children also learnt about Guy Fawkes, who he was and why he is important to the 5th November. After this, the children learnt how to stay safe on Bonfire Night with Welephant and then created their very own safety posters.


 Autumn Term 1 

Fairy Tales – WYP workshop 

The children really enjoyed learning about Fairy Tales. We focused on Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. On Wednesday 5th October, Robbie and Elvi, from West Yorkshire Playhouse, came into school and did a full mornings workshop with Class 1. It was fantastic! Robbie and Elvi created a magical and imaginative world where they immersed the children in the fairy tales. They took the children on an adventure to meet the Big Bad Wolf…who turned out to be good! The children came away from the workshop enthused and buzzing with ideas. 

Following that we decided to plan our own alternative endings to Little Red Riding Hood to give Wolfie a happy ending. The children worked really hard and created fantastic and imaginative work.


Settling In.

We are in week 3 and the children in Class 1 are settling in really well. The Reception children have had a fabulous time getting to know their buddies and each other. We have explored the Human Body and labelled it and have had lots of fun in our phonics sessions. We have also collected the apples off our little tree in the wildlife area. We counted 113!



Welcome to our new Reception children and welcome back to our Year 1’s! We hope you have had a fabulous fun-filled summer holiday! There is a lot packed into this term. Here is some general information on the year ahead. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Mrs Carter. You can grab either of us first thing in the morning or at home time. Should you wish to speak to us privately we can easily do that by making an appointment for you.



The Reception children will continue to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, learning through play and we will follow their lead. They will have regular phonics sessions where they will be focusing on learning their initial sounds and how to write them. Maths work will be based on place value and taking one number per week, for example, in week 1 they will learn about 1 and all things related to it (e.g. 1 o’clock, 1p) and then in week 2 it will be about 2 and so on until Christmas.

The initial few weeks will be all about your children finding their feet. This will involve learning the new routines of school life, exploring the classroom and outdoor environment and getting to know myself, Mrs Carter and their new classmates. We shall be using this time to determine where each child is across the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. This we enable us to determine their individual next steps, which along with their interests, will guide us in planning for each child. We will open the Autumn term by looking at “Ourselves” enabling the children to get to know each other a bit better.


Literacy & Maths - The Reception children’s literacy starts with Phonics, we will be using various schemes to teach your children, but our initial focus will be on the Jolly Phonics scheme. The children will learn their sounds and how to write them through activities set out in the classroom, as well as short teacher-led inputs. Also as part of their literacy the children will be encouraged to create rhymes and act out stories. The children will be sent home with a Phonics book so they can show you the sound they have been learning and practise.

PE – the children will require both indoor (shorts and t-shirt) and outdoor (jogging bottoms, jumper and trainers) in school at all times.

Please note that we aim to be in our outdoor area as much as possible, whether it is sunny or cold, therefore please ensure your child has a coat with them everyday.


Year 1’s.

The Year 1’s will be moving on from the EYFS and onto the National Curriculum, however this will be a gradual transition, steadily building and encouraging each child through the process. They will continue to do some learning through play and will of course have access to the areas of provision enabling them to consolidate learning and investigate concepts that they will get taught.


In Literacy, our topics this term include “Here’s a Little Baby, One, Two, Three…” (where we are learning about Poetry and using Peepo! as our focus text) and “Once Upon a Time…” (where we are learning about fairy tales, focusing on Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs).  We will also be learning about Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day, Winter and obviously, Christmas. These topics will enable us to teach about various types of non-fiction, fiction and poetry writing. We will also be producing a Christmas Nativity where the children will get to act, sing and perform to the school and parents.

In Maths we are focusing on place value of numbers before heading onto addition and subtraction and then shape.

In History we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and also about fascinating first inventions, including the first train and the first plane.

In Geography we will be learning about maps and the some of the symbols used on them and what they mean. The children will then be creating their own maps of the route the Big, Bad Wolf takes through the woods in Little Red Riding Hood.

In Art and D/T the children will be designing a cloak for Little Red Riding Hood, creating it out of collage materials. They will also be designing and creating a house for the Three Little Pigs, following work in science.

In Science we will be initially looking at the Human Body and the children will identify, label and draw body parts and know what they do. We will then be moving on to exploring everyday materials.

In RE our topic is “Stories Jesus Told”, this will be taught on a Friday afternoon by Mrs Carter, when the children will also cover Music.

PE – the children will be receiving dance lessons once a week from a dance specialist. The children will need to have both indoor and outdoor kits in school at all times.


Please note that we aim to be in our outdoor area as much as possible, whether it is sunny or cold, therefore please ensure your child has a coat with them everyday.


Useful Websites.

There are many websites, and even app’s, available now for you to explore. The websites we have provided below are ones that we use in school as they use English speakers, rather than American. We have discovered that the American speaking sites/app’s pronounce the sounds differently.

Please find a variety of useful websites for both Reception and Year 1 children.

Phonics –

Phonics/Maths –

Phonics -

Phonics/Sentence structure -

Phonics/Literacy/Maths/Topic -



Class 1's 2015-2016 Image Gallery

Summer Term!

This term we are looking at dinosaurs, pirates and under the sea! We will be continuing to focus on Phonics and will be moving into Phase 5 shortly. We will continue to work on letter formation, planning and writing sentences and using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. In Numeracy we shall be continuing to work on writing our numbers correctly, as well as working on problem-solving. We will of course be continuing to practise our counting, adding and taking away.

We are hoping that PE this term will be outdoors as much as possible, so please make sure your child has the right kit (shorts, t-shirts and trousers in case it’s a bit chilly). They will continue to do PE with Mr Jackson on a Monday and shall be working on striking and fielding skills for this lesson. I shall be doing PE with them on a Friday morning and we shall be playing football and learning some of the skills involved, as well as teamwork. Obviously as we head towards summer we hope to be able to use the pool, we shall inform you in good time of when this will start.

Please may I ask that children still bring in coats as we are wanting to take them outside as much as possible and cannot guarantee that the weather will be warm and dry.

As ever, should you have any queries, please catch myself or Mrs Carter and we shall be happy to help.

Spring Term 2




Skipping for Sport Relief.

On Friday 18th March it was Sports Relief Day. We all came to school in our PE kits (even the teachers) ready to take part in our “Giant Skip”. In Class 1 we all had to skip for 1 minute each. The children all did a fabulous job! Everyone tried their best and everyone got better! Whilst I timed the children, Mrs Carter played catching games with the rest of the class, we all had a great time. Then myself and Mrs Carter did two minutes of skipping each (this was harder than we had thought it would be!). We did all this to raise money for Sports Relief but also to promote being fit and healthy and how important exercise is for everyone. It was great fun!

Fancy Dress for World Book Day.


On Thursday 3rd March it was World Book Day. It was enormous fun! Miss Hibberd came as Miss Honey from Mathilda and Mrs Carter came as the “girl” from The Magic Finger. Mrs Webster and Mrs Booth came as Mr and Mrs Twit! The rest of us came as our favourite characters. We had all sorts in class that day. Everyone’s outfits were amazing and we want to say a huge thank you to parents for your support in the creating of them. We also had a chocolate cake sale to raise money for new books – they were delicious! Again, an enormous thank you to parents for these. In the afternoon our buddies came down to read a few books to us. It was really nice to see them all together.



In late February a little bit of winter finally arrived! We took the children out into our outdoor area so we could all explore the snow. The children loved it and were extremely excited by it. We got to make footprints in the fresh snow and made snow balls. Instead of throwing them at each other the children decided they wanted to see whether or not they would melt by the end of the day. When they found that they had they managed to work out that this was because it had warmed up, even though it hadn’t felt like it to us.


This term Class 1 are rocketing off into Space! We shall be learning all about the stars, planets and universe! This term we shall also be focusing on the Christian festival of Easter with the children learning the story of Easter and why it is important to Christians. There will be plenty of opportunities throughout both topics for the children to create different objects and artwork using lots of different materials and media. Obviously, this will culminate in the school’s famous Egg Day.

We also have Mothering Sunday and World Book Day taking place in this term.



We are continuing to focus on securing the children’s knowledge of Phase 2 and 3 phonemes. This involves ensuring they can recognise the phonemes when they are written on their own, in words and also be able to use them in words correctly. We are also continuing to focus on forming the letters correctly and writing simple sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops correctly.



We are going to be looking at 2d and 3d shapes, measuring objects, learning about time and adding and subtracting. We shall be continuing to do this through the children playing, with short teacher-led input sessions.


Traditional Indian Dancing.

On Thursday 4th February Adeela Baig visited the school. She came to teach us Traditional Indian Dancing. Adeela did an assembly to the whole school and showed everyone a beautiful dance. She then taught Class 2 a dance. After break, she taught Class 1 a dance. It started with some Bhangra moves before moving into some Bollywood moves. The Bhangra moves were amazing and very fast! The children tried their hardest to concentrate and keep up and Adeela said we did very well. After lunch Adeela opened up her huge suitcase and along with Miss Hibberd, Miss Sowerby and Mr Hartley helped us to put traditional Indian costumes over our PE kit. They were stunning! Rich jewel colours and gorgeous fabrics. Then Class 2 and Class 1 practised their dances before performing it to some parents who came to watch. It was absolutely fantastic! The children were amazing. Adeela was really impressed with their natural dancing ability, listening skills and behaviour. Mr Hartley and I were extremely proud of Class 1 and 2’s behaviour and wish to thank Adeela for such a fun, interesting and amazing day!

Class 1's lesson.Class 1's lesson.




Class 1's performance to parentsClass 1's performance to parents

Spring 1

 New Year, New Term!

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas! There is lots planned already for this term. Class 1 are going to be looking at life on a small island compared to life in Huby for the first three weeks, we will be using Katie Morag to help with this. After that we will turn our focus to Fairy Tales and St Valentine. We will continue to secure the children in Phases 2, 3 and 4 in Phonics, ensuring that they can recognise and apply in writing all of the phonemes they have learnt. We will also be focusing on writing our letters correctly, how to write a sentence and how to extend these when the children are ready.


In maths we will be continuing to secure addition, subtraction and space, shape and measure. We are also introducing the children to SMIRFS (Space Mission Instant Recall FactS). This is a fun way for the children to learn important maths information. The children all have a picture of themselves as an astronaut and they have several stages to complete. At each stage they have a series of challenges. In Reception they start at Astronaut Selection and then move to The Launch Pad. The children will be given an objective on an orange rocket. They will then spend a week learning it, we will then ask them about it on the Friday. The whole school does this on a Friday morning only. The children need to be able to answer the questions within 3 seconds and in any order. Some of the challenges may be completed in one week, others may take longer. We hope that by learning these Instant Recall facts the children are better equipped for handling mental arithmetic both in the classroom and in real life.



This term PE will be on a Monday with Mr Jackson doing Multi-skills and on a Thursday with Mrs Broadhurst doing Gymnastics. The children will need both indoor and outdoor PE kits this term.


Once again, Mrs Carter and I would like to wish you a happy new year and we look forward to working with you and your children throughout 2016.


Autumn 2 2015

Christmas has arrived in Class 1!

Today is the final day of the Autumn Term. It has been an amazingly busy term and Reception have managed really well. Their behaviour has continued to be outstanding even though they have been getting weary. Mrs Carter and I are immensely proud of them and wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a happy New Year. See you all again in January 2016!


Well it’s the penultimate week of term and things are getting really busy! On Monday morning (7th December) we have the dress rehearsal of our Christmas Nativity, which we are performing to the whole school and we are really looking forward to it. This is followed by afternoon performances on both Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December.


1st December

Well, December has arrived and so has Christmas. Our preparations are well under way for the festive season. We are in our final week of rehearsals for the Nativity too.


Elf in the classroom – Marshy’s Adventures!

Day 13 – Today Marshy was found overlooking Class 1’s nativity scene. He was watching over Mary, Joesph and Baby Jesus. He had also written a note saying his goodbyes and how much he had enjoyed being in Class 1 with Reception. He had also brought a letter back from the North Pole, from Santa himself!


Day 12 – Marshy and Comet the Reindeer were having a snowball fight in the Winter Wonderland!


Day 11 – On Tuesday we arrived to find Marshy having a campfire to keep warm in our winter wonderland.


Day 10 – Monday 14th December – The children arrived to find Marshy had gone climbing up the whiteboard and even left them a message! Luckily he was wearing a safety harness in case he fell off.


Day 9 – Friday 11th December arrived to find Marshy just “hanging around”. He enjoyed monkey swinging across the paper chains that the children have been making.


Day 8 – On Thursday the children arrived to find Marshy had got out the Duplo and coloured bricks and had started to build the village at the North Pole. He even challenged the children to finish it for him. They had great fun doing this.


Day 7 – On Wednesday Marshy had come back from the North Pole in such an excited mood that he made snow angels in the snow in the classroom!

Day 6 – On Tuesday 8th December the children arrived at school to find Marshy writing an e-mail to Santa on one of their laptops. He hadn’t managed to get back to the North Pole on Monday night as he was too busy playing with his new friends the dinosaurs. He mentioned each child and how good they were being and even mentioned their amazing nativity “Born in a Barn”.

Day 5 - The children returned from the weekend excited to see where Marshy was hiding. They couldn't believe their eyes, when they found him and there were lots of giggles. They loved that he left them a note too!

The note says: "Hi Class 1! I fancied some chocolate after my long flight back from the North Pole. I'm sorry I ate your coins, they were very yummy! There's a surprise under the Christmas tree for you all. It's my way of saying sorry. I hear it is your first nativity this week, is that right? Good luck in your dress rehearsal today, I know you will all be AMAZING! Remember to be good and do as you are told. Love Marshy xx"

I wonder where he will be tomorrow!


Day 4 - The fourth day of Marshy's Adventures made the children giggle, especially the boys! They really loved it that Marshy was playing with their dinosaurs. They even told him to be careful in case one tried to eat him!


Day 3 - Thursday 3rd December saw Marshy hiding in the other Christmas tree in Class 1, but this time he had been a little naughty too! Cheeky Marshy! He even sent the children a lovely note.

Day 2 - Wednesday 2nd December saw Marshy hiding in one of our Christmas trees! The children loved writing about this adventure!


Day 1 - The children arrived into school today (1st December) to find a special visitor had arrived from the North Pole. After naming him (Marshy – because he was sat in marshmallows) the children then learnt about him and shared a cake with him. Tonight he will fly back to Santa in the North Pole and let him know what the children have been up to today. We can’t wait until tomorrow to see where he will be this time.


Crime Scene in Class 1!

On Wednesday 18th November the children of Class 1 arrived to a crime scene! The poppies had been stolen from our Field of Remembrance and the classroom had been made into a real mess. The children had 10 clues, but in order to get these clues they had to complete 10 challenges. They were spilt into 3 teams and set off. They had a great time and spent the day working it out at the end of the day they had all of the clues and worked out that it was the Joker! Well done Class 1!


Children in Need - 13th November 2015.

Well what can we say? The class were dressed fantastically as their favourite Superhero. We had 2 Spidermen, Bug Girl, Super Sparkle, Super Tinkerbell, Supergirl, Super Flamingo, Super Dinosaur, Iron Man, Green Lantern and Bat girl. Everyone's outfits were amazing! e had a really fun time decorating our cakes and eating them too. Thank you to all parents for helping the children with their outfits too!


Ambulance Visit

As part of our topic "People Who Help Us" we had a visit from Don Buxton and Hannah Atack and their Educational Ambulance on Friday 13th November. The children were in awe and, as usual, behaved beautifully. They asked lots of interesting questions and were mesmerised by the Ambulance when we went to explore it. The visit was rounded off by Don switching on the lights and sirens for us. It was super! We send a massive thank you to Don and Hannah for the visit.


I have since received an email from Don praising the children for their interest, curiosity and excellent behaviour.


Remembrance Day - 11th November 2015

In the build up to Remembrance Day Class 1 learnt we will remember it and why we have a minutes silence. They learnt the importance and significance of the poppy and why we wear them and then made a variety of different poppies for our Field of Remembrance. We made collage poppies out of different colours and types of paper, we made paper plate poppies and even used watercolours and poppy seeds.

 Class 1's Field of Poppies - Remembrance 2015Class 1's Field of Poppies - Remembrance 2015

This term is going to be as exciting and busy as term 1! This term our topics are going to be “People Who Help Us” and then of course “Christmas”!

Coats and Winter

As we head in to the beautiful season of winter, please remember to have your child bring a coat everyday as we will be continuing to go outside as much as we can.


This term you will also need to make sure your child has both indoor and outdoor PE kits in school everyday as we will continue to do Games with Mr Jackson on a Monday and Dance with myself and Mrs Carter at least one other day, possibly even two.

People Who Help Us (first 4 weeks)

Here we will be learning about the importance of Firefighters, Ambulance staff, Doctors and Nurses and Police Officers. We also have a visit planned from PCSO Mike Crosthwaite. The children have told me what they want to find out about these people and their roles and we will hopefully be answering their amazing questions over the topic. We will also be learning about Bonfire Night in the first week of term and then looking at Remembrance Day in week 2. Also in Week 2 we will have a celebration for Children in Need and will therefore also discuss helping others and why this is important.

Christmas! (last 3 weeks)

The glittery, happy and festive season is almost upon us and here in Class 1 we cannot wait and the excitement is already building. We love Christmas and can’t wait to share it with you all this year. We have lots of fabulously fun activities and experiences planned for the children. Obviously this includes their first Nativity performances (information on this to follow when we return to school), Christmas parties, the Christmas Church Service and Christmas dinner.


Please find here links to the Phonics Play website (this has great free games for the children – go to Phase 2 first, if this is too easy then go for Phase 3), there is also a link for Mr Thorne does Phonics – this is an excellent resource and the children love Geraldine the Giraffe who appears in some of the videos.

 Autumn Term 1 2015.


Wow! What an awesome first term! Mrs Carter and I are massively impressed with Class 1 and how they have coped with their first term at school. The children have all settled in well, adjusting to life at Huby School with minimal fuss, especially considering how jam packed it was. Enjoy your week off Class 1! We can’t wait to see you again next week! Miss Hibberd and Mrs Carter.


Harvest Festival

On Thursday 8th October most of Class 1 walked to All Hallow's Church in Sutton on the Forest for their first Harvest Festival. They walked down with their buddies and some of their families. They were excellent! Once there we went into the Church room and put down our coats, before lining up and heading into the church. It was very busy! We had a great time singing and giving thanks for our food. We performed "Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow" and it was amazing! Mrs Booth and Mrs Carter helped us with the actions and they said how proud they were of us both in our performance and our behaviour. We then walked back to school and had a Harvest Lunch. Some of us even had lunch with our Mummies and Daddies.


RHS Harlow Carr Visit

On 30th September 2015 Class 1 and 2 went on a visit to RHS Harlow Carr as part of their growing topic. This was Class 1’s first ever school trip and they were extremely excited. They had a fabulous time! They spent the morning in the classroom with Louise learning about the parts of a plant and what they need to grow, as well as different types of seeds. They then spent time in the greenhouse where they were given the chance to plant their very own seeds to take home with them. They loved this and can’t wait to watch their Mixed Salad leaves grow. We then went and had a picnic lunch together before spending the afternoon exploring the grounds of Harlow Carr. The children loved finding the different willow sculptures and the giant spade. The flowers and trees were stunning and they even enjoyed the playground!

 Learning about the different parts of a plant.Learning about the different parts of a plant.

 Planting our own seeds to take back to school and grow.Planting our own seeds to take back to school and grow.


The children finding some of the beautiful willow sculptures around Harlow Carr.The children finding some of the beautiful willow sculptures around Harlow Carr.

All the children behaved beautifully and really enjoyed themselves. We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Booth, Mrs Carter, Mrs Baker, Mrs Cahill, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Walker who helped us out on the trip. 

First Week of Term...

This week the children have been introduced to school by attending in the morning only. They have behaved beautifully and have all adapted to school (which is a BIG change) really well. We are extremely proud of them. We have spent the week getting to know one another better and exploring the classroom and outdoor environment.




The children have also had their buddies in class with them and to help them settle into school life. The Year 6 buddies have been absolutely fantastic with the children and superb role models. Thank you very much Year 6 buddies! 




Introduction to the New School Year!

Last year was Mrs Carter’s and I’s first year in Class 1 and we loved it! We’ve been really looking forward to this year too. We hope you have all had a fabulous time over the summer holidays and that you are looking forward to joining us at Huby. We will be updating the website regularly throughout the year, so you can see what we have been up to and what is coming up next.


If you have any concerns or queries at any point throughout the year, please do not hesitate to speak to myself or Mrs Carter. We are available at the start of every day briefly in the playground, however if you wish to discuss a matter in length or in private, let us know and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.


We aim to provide a safe and fun learning environment for the children, enabling them to use their natural curiosity to explore and play. As well as working with the children to ensure they reach their full potential academically, we also aim to support their emotional and social development.


Mrs Carter will be taking the class after lunch on Friday’s during my non-contact time for planning and preparation.



Here there is information on our topics for this term are ‘All About Me’, ‘Growing Plants’ and ‘Superheroes’. There is also information on Numeracy, Reading, PE kits and upcoming trips.  

‘All About Me’.

We will be learning about different body parts and where they are on us, as well as how to keep healthy. We will also be learning more about each other and what we like and don’t like. We will also share reading books about our bodies and stories like Funny Bones.

Useful websites (Please be aware though that Huby School cannot be responsible for any of the content on these sites.) - find the body parts on the bear. - lots of information on the human body including how it works and keeping healthy. - body parts game - educational lesson and game on body parts.

‘Growing Plants’.

This topic will take us up to Harvest time. We will be using ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’ in Literacy as a focus. We will be learning about how to grow plants as well as why we grow them.

Useful websites (Please be aware though that Huby School cannot be responsible for any of the content on these sites.) - Interactive simulation of growing a seedling to a plant. - for easy plants to gro if you fancy a challenge! - website on growing plants with children. - Information about growing plants.


During this topic we will be describing different superhero characters as well as creating our very own.

Useful websites (Please be aware though that Huby School cannot be responsible for any of the content on these sites.)


Our focus will be learning a number a week, obviously starting with 1. We have discovered that this helps to cement their understanding of each number and it’s value. For example in Week 2 we will start with number 1. We will learn to count forwards and backwards in 1’s; about circles; finding 1 o’clock and what we do at that time and working with 1p coins. We shall be teaching the children how to write the numbers correctly and give them ample opportunity to practise this. We will also be learning number songs – they may bring this home and we encourage you to share the ones they have learnt. However, we do need these to be in school everyday.


The focus in this first term will be on phonics. Your child will receive daily fun and interactive inputs before being encouraged to explore the related activities set out. This is also when we will learn how to write the letters and sounds. Your child will be sent home with a ‘Phonics Book’. Please go over the sounds in there with them and encourage them to stick in pictures with the relevant sound or draw them.


Your children will receive reading books as and when we feel they are ready. The first books they will receive will be picture books and these are fantastic for getting the children to interpret what is happening and help to develop their imagination. We will then move them onto books with words. The children will start with books and reading when they are ready, this may be at different times to their friends, however this should not be of concern.

PE Kits and Coats.

PE for our class is on a Monday and a Wednesday. We will keep PE kits at school as usual but please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child’s name. As we will be outside please make sure the children have a warm tracksuit/jumper to wear. School jumpers are all identical so please label all uniform as they get easily lost!

As part of the curriculum, in Reception we spend a lot of time using the indoor classroom, the outdoor classroom and our own outdoor area. Therefore, please ensure your child brings an appropriate coat every day as we will be going outside regardless of the weather conditions.


Class 1 2015-16 exploring Class 1 in Summer 2015.

During the last term our new class came in every Tuesday afternoon. They then joined us on move-up day. We have really enjoyed these days and can’t wait for the 8th September when you join us again.


There are always lots of things going on in Class 1 - We keep ourselves very busy!

Useful Websites


Here are a few useful websites that your children can go on to help them with their learning. Please be aware though that Huby School cannot be responsible for any of the content on these sites.

Phonics Play – – for Reception children go to Phase 1 or Phase 2 games and access the free resources, you don’t need to subscribe.


Maths -


Literacy -


Star fall -– lots of fun games for English and Maths


BBC cbeebies - - helps children to learn the alphabet in a fun way.


Channel 4 Hoobs - – fun English activities


Summer Term 2 

Reception and Year 6 Buddies Event.

Today, Thursday 9th July, the Reception children had a fun filled afternoon with their Year 6 buddies. Thankfully it was a gloriously sunny afternoon and they were able to play games together in the pool. They played Simon Says, Stuck in the mud and even had horse races using the woggles as horses! After a quick dry and change they headed out to play parachute games on the field. Our first game was to keep the ball on the parachute, after a dismal first attempt of 10 seconds, we eventually managed to keep it on for 3 minutes! We then played cat and mouse. We had two large mice (Year 6's) and two tiny cats (Reception children). The cats even managed to catch some of the mice! This was topped off by an ice-cream in the sun. It was a fantastic time and I know the Reception children loved it! A massive thank you to their buddies for looking after them this year and today!


Teddy Bears Picnic


As part of Maths Week the children had to plan a Teddy Bear Picnic. They created amazing invitations in Literacy. Worked out each others favourite picnic foods and then put these into graphs and helped work out how many people were coming! They then helped to decorate the buns and biscuits and make the fruit kebabs. It was a fantastic fun week. The best bit was on the Friday afternoon, when we all went outside with our Teddy Bears and joined our families for some fun in the afternoon sun. We played rounders and parachute games. Then we had a hula hoop competition and had a visit from Mrs Teddy Bear! The food was scrumptious and it was amazing fun!



Sports Day Fun...

We had a great time at our sports day! We did our warm up in the rain and then the sun shone. The children all tried their best on the activities and the races and all said they really enjoyed it. Class 1 also showed excellent sportsmanship to each other and the other classes. They loved seeing their mums and dads and relatives there too!



This was an amazing day and a fantastic success! The children had to be quiet and careful and managed it brilliantly. They were also extremely brave! They got to see Hissing Cockroaches, Millipedes, LARGE snails, a corn snake and a tarantula. It was fabulous and extremely informative. Well done Class 1 on excellent behaviour too!


What's coming up...

Our topic this term is Mini-beasts! The children are all really excited to learn about mini-beasts and to explore the school and its grounds.

We are having a special day on Friday 12th June when the children will get to see and touch lots of different creatures, as well as speak to an expert! They are looking forward to this experience a lot! Photos to follow soon!

Summer Term 1

Welcome back! We have got a fun-filled term planned - so here's some information on what we will be learning about before half term. Our over-arching topic this term is homes and buildings. We will be taking a trip to All Hallows Church, Sutton-on-the-Forest too.


We are going to be looking at non-chronological reports and their key features. We will also be looking at Traditional Tales and poetry. In poetry we are going to learn a poem off by heart!



We are going to be investigating creating graphs and reading them. We will also revisit money and have a big focus on learning our 2, 10 and 5 times tables. We will also be hoping to continue working through our SMIRFS. These are proving to be extremely useful for the children. SMIRFS stands for Space Mission Instant Recall FactS, therefore the children need to be able to give the answers within 3 seconds.


We are continuing to secure our knowledge of the Phase 5 phonemes and graphemes and continuing to practise applying these.



We are going to be investigating the perfect materials for building homes. We are going to look at what materials are used to build homes and why. Also, we will be investigating waterproof/wind proof materials.



We are going to be looking at ‘What is special about the Church?’ and will be visiting All Hallows Church to spend time exploring it and the key features of a Church.



Our focus for this term is games and swimming. Please ensure your children have an outdoor pe kit (trousers and shorts), as well as their swimming kit at all times.


We are focusing on the appreciation of music.  We will be listening to a range of classical, religious and choral music to develop our listening skills.


Art/Design Technology

We are going to be doing observational drawings of All Hallows Church, along with designing our very own homes. We will then make these homes out of junk modelling equipment. Hopefully we will be able to create our very own village by the end of term!


We will be focusing on how houses and homes have changed over time. We will also be looking at how houses differ around the world. Our local focus will be on Huby itself, learning about maps and how to read them. We will also have a go at making our own maps!



We will be looking at monitoring and simulation. We will learn to explore options and make choices and explore programs.




This will take place after half term during the week beginning Monday 16th June 2015.


Visit to All Hallows Church, Sutton-on-the-Forest

On Tuesday 21st April 2015 Class 1 and Class 2 went to All Hallows Church, Sutton-on-the-Forest. We went as part of our RE topic, which is all about the Christian Church. We explored around the church, looking at the key features. And working out what each item was for. We also did stone rubbings and observational drawing s of the church. It was a fabulous time!

I must say a massive thank you to all the children who behaved impeccably, as always. Also, the children would like to Mr Hartley, Mrs Carter, Mrs Webster, Mrs Baker and Mrs Cahill for helping out.























Comic Relief - Red Nose Day - 2015

On Friday 13th March 2015 we helped to raise money for Comic Relief. We came to school in red and had wacky hair. We enjoyed it and laughed a lot. Miss Hibberd explained to us what Comic Relief does and why it is important. We discovered we could help poor people in the UK and Africa. We are glad that we can make a difference to other people's lives. Here we all are as a class.


Jellybeans and Class 1

Every Tuesday afternoon for the last few weeks Jellybeans group, from Patchworks, have been coming in to Class 1. We have been getting to know each other and have explored the classroom and various activities. On the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd March we all worked together to create a joint display in the Resource Room attached to Class 4. It was great fun! We created a fingerprint Cherry Blossom tree, cotton wool fluffy clouds, tissue paper flours and symmetrical butterflies. It was a marvellously messy time!

World Book Day 

On Thursday 5th March 2015 Class 1 all came to school dressed as their favourite book character. It was great to see such a wide variety of characters and hear why the children liked them and the books about them. We had comic strip characters, including Spiderman, an Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (complete with the most amazing sparkly Ruby shoes), Little Red Riding Hood and many more. Mrs Carter came as Hermione from Harry Potter and Miss Hibberd was Wenda from Where's Wally. It was a very funny day!



2015 Writing Competition

The winner of the Year 1 story is Isabel Harding, click here to download her story.

                                        Street Dance

During the first Spring term we had Laura come and teach us about Street Dance. She then spent several fun-filled weeks teaching us a dance which we then performed to the rest of the school and parents. It was a great experience for everyone and we loved it!


Abbey House Toy Museum


Class 1 and 2 went to Abbey House Toy Museum in Leeds. They had a fantastic time learning about old toys and the differences between toys from the past and now. They also enjoyed exploring the different toys the museum had on display and loved exploring the Victorian street. They were all exceptionally well behaved and had a great time.

Building Santa's Grotto 

The children in Reception decided to build Santa's Grotto, a sleigh shed and a ramp for the sleigh to take off. They built it all out of large building blocks. They decided to decorate the grotto with pretty gems and add Duplo presents. They built Santa's sleigh and a reindeer out of Lego. They were really proud of their achievements and I was really impressed with how well they worked together! Well done!

Noisy Nativity!

In the afternoons of Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th December, Class 1 and Class 2 performed their Christmas play, Noisy Nativity! The children had worked extremely hard learning their lines, the songs and practising their acting. This meant their performances were awesome and Mr Hartley and I were very proud of them. Thank you to everyone who helped out both prior to and during the performances, you were fantastic. Finally, a massive thank you to the parents for sourcing wonderful costumes for the children. Well done Class 1 and Class 2!

Star Gazing!

Mrs Dransfield arranged for a Star Dome to come to Huby. We were really lucky and got to go in too. Mrs Dransfield took us and showed us some of the constellations that can be seen in the night sky. She told us about some the different stars that make up these constellations, including Beetlejuice and the Dog Star. Then she turned down the lights and the stars started to appear, it was magical and all the children loved it. A massive thank you to Mrs Dransfield.

Children in Need Pyjama Day!

On 14th November we cam to school in our pyjama's, after the School Council decided this would be how we would raise money for Children in Need. The children in Class 1 cam in some amazing onesies and superb pj's! The children also bought in 2p's and 1p's. They were extremely generous bringing in a huge amount of coins in Class 1 alone. Thank you! The children in all classes then took part in a competition to see who could build the highest tower out the coins. Class 1 worked superbly as a team and managed to build a tower that was 23cm high! Unfortunately, we were pipped to the post by Class 4, whose tower was awesome!

Class 1's pj's and onesies and their amazing tower!Class 1's pj's and onesies and their amazing tower!

Remembrance Day

During out first week back at school after half term we started to look at Remembrance Day and what it means. We discovered that it is the centenary of World War 1. We looked at pictures of the Tower of London poppies and how they were growing over the days and weeks and decided to create our own Field of Remembrance.

Class 1's Field of Remembrance.Class 1's Field of Remembrance.

Forest Quest

We went to Forest Quest and had an amazing time! We loved exploring the forest, making nature crowns, building a camp fire and making 'smores.

Our nature crowns.Our nature crowns.

Autumn 2014 - Numbers of the Week

In the Autumn Term our work across the curriculum focused on a different number each week.  We learnt in particular about various aspects of Maths including counting, money, shape, ordinal numbers and place value.  

Our stories and work in Literacy also linked with the number of each week.


Reading Books 

During the Autumn Term our new Reception children were introduced to the main Oxford Reading Tree characters as they begin to learn the letters of the alphabet and started to learn to read. They are loving reading!