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Class trip to Dalby Forest to learn about the Stone Age.

North Yorkshire Cross Country Finals

 2nd Place - well done!

2nd place, well done!2nd place, well done!


World Book Day

In Science the children have been learning about teeth and the role they have. The children then constructed a human mouth with 32 teeth out of clay.

James Denny - Olympic Diver

Class 2 enjoying Sowerby Music Workshop

On Friday 20th January we made smoothies as part of our healthy eating topic.

Spring Term 2017

Happy New Year and welcome back!

This will be another exciting term and our topic will be focussed on famous explorers, mainly Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Class 2 will be exploring his life and what drove him to be so determined.  We will look at the places he has been to and what life is like there. Linked to geography, the children will also locate the countries and continents Sir Ranulph has been and we will also learn the major oceans of the world.

In science we will be exploring the Animals and humans topic. The children will learn about our own bodies and the importance of nutrition.  Class 2 will then explore different teeth and why we look after them and we will finish the topic with skeletons.

Art and D&T are linked to our history and geography topics with the children creating an animal from mod rock suitable for its habitat. The children also need to mix appropriate colours and paint their creation!

PE will be exciting as we welcome back gymnastics specialist Mrs Broadhurst every Thursday. The children will learn more moves and routines and it will be great to see many of Class 2 grow in confidence performing gymnastics as the term progresses.

Twice a week the children will continue to race against the clock when they answer BIG Maths  questions. Please remember though, BIG Maths measures the speed at which your child(ren) can complete calculations and not their ability in the subject.

Children will continue to be tested on their spellings every Friday. Thank you for your help and support in the learning of these spellings. I know that many find these tricky, so I’m sure the children appreciate your encouragement!

Homework will continue with our Year 3’s and SMIRF practise will continue every Friday morning. Thank you for practising the SMIRFS with your child(ren), as it really helps the speed at which they can recall many aspects of maths. 

Christmas Church Service

Class 2 Enjoying their Christmas Party

Key Stage 2 Christmas Play

Key Stage 1 Christmas Nativity

Class 2 at Harvest Festival

Class 2 - Race for Life

Class 2 enjoying our prayer and reflection day.

Class 2's York Minster Visit

On Wednesday 21st September Class 2 visited York Minster. We had a fantastic time learning about 'Light and Dark', which is linked to our RE and science topic. The children spent time in the Learning Centre finding out about the Minster's windows and the vast history behind them. Then as part of our topic we explored the minster and discovered many interesting facts! Thank you very much to Alex, who works at York Minster, for looking after us. Have a look at our photos from the day......

York Minster visit.

Welcome back Class 2!

We hope that the children have had a super summer break and are eager as ever to be back at school! This Autumn Term will be busy, with lots of exciting things happening, including an educational visit!

Class 2 will be taught again by Mr Hartley, with Mrs Carter teaching the Class on Thursday afternoons. If you have any questions then feel free to catch Mr Hartley briefly at the start or end of the school day. If you require a more detailed discussion then please either ring or call in to make an appointment. 

Our topic in history is exploring the life of Florence Nightingale. The children will learn about where she grew up, her family and what motivated her to be so caring and courageous. The children will be constructing a replica of her famous lamp and linked to Literacy, will write a biography about this amazing lady.

In geography we will be exploring seasonal and daily weather patterns. The children will learn about the weather in the UK and compare this to world-wide weather patterns. Class 2 now has its own Weather Station and the children will be recording results and analysing information gained from the Station.

This Autumn Term in science we will be learning more about Light and Dark. The children will explore shadows and how these alter as the day progresses. Our science topic is linked to RE where the children will explore the question; ‘Why is light so important in religion?’

We know how much our children love educational visits, so in early Autumn Term Class 2 is spending the day at York Minster to learn about the Minster’s ‘Colour and Light’ topic. A letter with further information about the visit will be sent home shortly with the children.

PE will be exciting as we welcome back Dance Specialist Laura to Huby. Laura will be putting our children through their paces as the children learn new moves and routines.

This page will be updated throughout the year with photos and information about what has been happening in Class 2.

Below is a list of useful websites:






Indian Dancing with Adeela Baig

On the 4th February we welcomed professional Indian dancer Adeela Baig to Huby School. Adeela spent the day working with Class 1 and 2 teaching us traditional Bhangra and Bollywood dancing. We had a brilliant time dancing for much of the day! The children embraced the day, learning and appreciating traditions from a different culture. At the end of the day the children performed what they had learned to parents. 

Spring Term 2016 

It is great to see all the children refreshed and ready for a new and exciting term. In Literacy we have started writing about the exciting things we have been doing over the Christmas holidays. We will shortly be looking at traditional stories, instructional writing, non-chronological reports and different styles of poetry. Last term the children loved reciting poems and writing Acrostic poems so this term I am  looking forward to reading and listening to our budding poets.  

Our humanities topic for this term is India. The children explore the country of India, its geography, culture and history and we will compare how life in India compares with our life here in Huby. Adeela Baig, a traditional Indian dancer will run a dance workshop later this term, which we are all looking forward to.   

In science our topic is Humans and Animals where children will learn about the life cycles of humans and other animals. They will also learn about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.  

Children will continue to focus on their SMIRFS. Thank you for practising these at home with your child and your help is greatly appreciated. It is clear that the children's hard work is being paid off as they are progressing up the planets when tested on a Friday morning.  

Autumn 2015

Class 2 have been very busy since our trip to Harlow Carr Gardens! In Literacy we have been learning about 'Instructions'. The children have had great fun following instructions to make Paper Aeroplanes and String Telephones! The boys and girl then wrote their own instructions. Feel free to quiz them on 'features' of instructions - they should be able to tell you all about them! 

Our topic for this half term is learning about the life of Grace Darling. So far the children have 'acted out' the night that made her so famous and written fantastic diary entries. We have made a brilliant collage for our classroom wall and the children are currently making some fantastic art work of the lighthouse using pastels for our new art display. 

Nearly all the children in Class 2 went to the Huby Bonfire on 6th November where they had a brilliant time. We would like to thank our PTA for their time and effort in producing such a great night. 

The children have just started learning the songs for our Christmas production 'Born in a Barn'. As you can imagine, the boys and girls are very excited! Shortly we will start rehearsals. If your child has 'lines' to learn then they will be given them to take home and practice. Please feel free to help them learn these and encourage them to add a little expression! We will let families know the production dates in due course. 

Harlow Carr school trip

On 30th September Class 1 and Class 2 visited Harlow Carr Gardens, Harrogate. We had a fantastic time learning about how plants grow, which is linked to our science topic. Whilst we were there we also had the opportunity to plant our own mixed salad seeds. The potted seeds are now safely back at school where they are being well looked after. We look forward to nibbling on these very shortly! Thank you to Louise and her team at Harlow Carr for teaching us and helping to make our day so much fun. 






























Welcome to Class 2!

It is great see all the children back and enthusiastic to learn! Class 2 will be taught again by Mr Hartley with Mrs Carter teaching the class on Thursday afternoons.  Mrs Baker will also work in Class 2 every morning.

If you have any questions then feel free to catch Mr Hartley briefly at the start or end of the school day. If you require a more detailed discussion then please feel free to ring or call in to make an appointment.

We have a very busy Autumn term planned. In science we are exploring plants and growing our own Runner Beans and Rocket. We will also be conducting experiments about what plants need to grow.  On the 30th September we will be visiting Harlow Carr Gardens, Harrogate where we will complete a nature trail and explore their growing plants.

In Literacy we have started writing about the holidays and will learn the features of Recounts. We will then be exploring Fairy Tales, Poetry, Instructions and Letter writing. 

We will use the same style spelling books as last year.  The spellings will be given to your child on a Monday and the test will be every Friday.

A quick reminder of good ways to practise learning spellings together:

  • Read the word together out loud 3 times.
  • Look, Cover, Write.  Encourage your child to say the word by sounding it out, cover the word and then write the word, saying the sounds as they write.
  • You can practise maybe just 3 words at a time, rather than all at once.
  • If you are testing your child please say the words out of order or within a sentence.


In numeracy children will start by trying to recognise number patterns and becoming familiar with numbers again, after such a long break! We will then explore key strands, including, addition, subtraction, time, measure, multiplication, division, times tables and fractions.


Just like last year, your child will be working on their SMIRF targets.  In your child’s spelling book you will find their SMIRF target.  The aim for your child is to complete the targets to enable them to move onto the next planet. Instant recall of mental maths is really beneficial to your child’s understanding and further progress in maths.  Please encourage your child to practise these on a regular basis. 

PE for Class 2 is on a Monday and Wednesday. We will keep the PE kits at school as usual but please make sure they are clearly labelled with your child’s name.  As we will be outside please make sure the children have a warm tracksuit or jumper to wear.  School jumpers are all identical so please label all uniform as they get easily lost!

Useful websites:

Numeracy games:

Literacy and phonics games:


Summer Term 2015

Summer term will be extremely busy for Class 2! We will be exploring our new topic on 'Buildings';

  • In art we are learning about David Hockney and drawing and painting Hockney style buildings.
  • We will shortly be visiting All Hallows Church in Sutton-on-the-forest to learn about different activities that take place church as part of RE. We will make the most of the opportunity whilst we are there to do various drawings of the church. 
  • History will be equally as exciting as we explore buildings in the past and how they compare to the present.
  • We will be extending our knowledge on different locations in geography. We will also be looking at buildings in various locations and how they compare to each other.
  • More investigating in science will see us explore building materials. 
  • Please feel free to bring in pictures of your favourite buildings! We will make sure they return home safely. 

In numeracy we will be very busy building on what we have learned so far and we will be focusing on; addition and subtraction, money, multiplication, time, measures, division and fractions! One of our favourite websites in Class 2 is ICT game;  Feel free to brush up you numeracy skills by playing on of the various games on this site. There are also some super phonics games here too!

Class 2 will continue their fantastic writing in Literacy by exploring Recounts, Traditional Tales, Poetry and Explanations. Watch this space for our poetry competition later in the term. 

Finally, we welcome Toby the Tomato Plant in to Class 2 (named by the children)! We will be measuring Toby each week and making a Tally Chart to record how many tomatoes he produces! No pressure Toby!

World Book Day

Class 2 celebrated World Book Day 2015 in style by dressing up as their favourite book characters. Characters included Willy Wonka, Where's Wally? and Mary Poppins. The teachers read parts of their favourite book to the children and a fantastic and fun day was celebrated by everyone. 

















Multi-skills at Easingwold Secondary School

Class 2 had a fantastic time at Easingwold Secondary School on 4th March 2015 at the annual multi-skills cluster event. The children worked in different groups completed a range of enjoyable activities, ranging from endurance games to those that involved skills and tanacity. We are proud to celebrate the success of Poppy Wilson and Oliver Marshall who both won awards for their skills and accuracy during the event.

















Huby Young Writers' Competition

We are delighted to report that Oliver Marshall was the Year 2 winner of this year's Huby School writing competition.  Please click here to read his story 'The One Alien'.

Class 1 and Class 2 School trip to Abbey House Museum Leeds

On Wednesday 14th January Class 1 and Class 2 travelled to Abbey House Museum, Leeds to learn about toys from the past.  We had a fantastic time carefully exploring toys and learning about the materials that they are made from. 








 Class 1 and Class 2's Noisy Nativity!

On 9th and 10th of December Children in Class 1 and Class 2 had a fantastic time performing their Christmas Nativity; 'The Noisy Nativity'. The performances certainly lived up to it's name with the children singing 9 songs in total! Many thanks to parents and helpers for making and buying costumes and helping the children learn their lines!










North Yorkshire Cross Country Finals - 2nd in North Yorkshire, well done!