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Extra-Curricular Activities


Sports Clubs

At Huby School we are very proud of our sporting tradition and this is reflected in the variety of after-school sports clubs. These clubs give our pupils the opportunity to further their sporting skills and to increase their enjoyment of physical activity.


We have close sporting links with local cluster schools and each season we enter the cluster football and netball leagues. Matches are held at Easingwold Secondary School. Our football and Tag Rugby Team regularly get through to Hambleton Area finals.  We are very proud of the sportsmanship they show.

Huby Netball Team 2013-14Huby Netball Team 2013-14




We also take part in the annual cluster schools' tag-rugby, orienteering, cross-country, gymnastics, rounders, multi-skills and cricket festivals. 

Huby Tag-Rugby Team 2013-14Huby Tag-Rugby Team 2013-14

Huby Rounders Team 2014Huby Rounders Team 2014

Huby Kwik Cricket Team 2014Huby Kwik Cricket Team 2014








Huby Cross Country Team 2014Huby Cross Country Team 2014

Sports Day 

We hold our annual sports day every summer.  It is a combination of non competitive team events and individual competitive athletic races.  

Our Zumba Warm-up on Sport's DayOur Zumba Warm-up on Sport's Day

Everyone enjoyed taking part in our 'Circuit for Life'Everyone enjoyed taking part in our 'Circuit for Life'


Competitive RacingCompetitive Racing

Music Lessons

We have good links with various peripatetic teachers in the surrounding area.  Lessons are currently available for pupils interested in learning to play a wide range of woodwind & brass instruments.  If you would like your child to learn a different instrument please contact the school to make enquiries.

Mr Wilton - Brass and WoodwindMr Wilton - Brass and Woodwind

 Wind Band at the Christmas Concert 2013Wind Band at the Christmas Concert 2013








Huby School Choir

Huby School Choir 2013-14Huby School Choir 2013-14

Every year our school choir has a great time singing along with 5000 other children at Sheffield Arena as part of the 'Young Voices' music tour. 

If your child is in the school choir, please follow the links below to download the tracks and encourage your child to practise at home.  Mrs Booth has distributed song words to each choir member but you can also follow the link below to download and print out further copies for use at home if you wish.










Lunchtime and After School Clubs

The school runs a variety of clubs throughout the year.  Clubs are for both girls and boys and are run by teaching staff and members of the community, sometimes assisted by ex-pupils.  There's something for everyone in Years 1-6.

Below are details of the clubs that are running this term:





Ocarina (Year 2)

@ lunchtime
All year

Mrs Carter


KS1 Craft Club (Years 1 & 2) Monday 
@ lunchtime
All year

Mrs Wood

KS2 Maths Club 


Tag Rugby ( Years 3-6)

@ lunchtime



~after school

All year



Mrs Webster


Mr Jackson

Code Club


Tuesday after school All year

Mrs Johnson

Ukulele (Existing players and new starters from

Year 2 only)

@ lunchtime
All year

Mr Hartley

KS2 Needlework Club

@ lunchtime
All year

Mrs Baker

KS2 Football  and Netball  Wednesday
after school
All year       

Mr Hartley & Miss Hartley

KS1 Cooking Club (Years 1 & 2) Wednesday
~after school
All year

Miss Hibberd

Running Club (Years 3-6)

Wednesday @ lunchtime

Autumn term

Mrs Carter

Choir Thursday
@ lunchtime
All year

Mrs Booth