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 Welcome to Class 3

Class 3 2017/2018Class 3 2017/2018

 We have a fantastic, busy term ahead of us in the run up to Christmas and of course the excitement of another Christmas play to round it all off!

 Our overall topic this term is ’50 years of Huby’, with history and geography being the main focus. Within these lessons the children will be learning about the history of Huby and our school. We will also be looking at Chocolate, which yes you may think is a bit obscure but York’s history with chocolate goes a long way back and it would be a shame to waste the opportunity of visiting York’s Chocolate Story!


Mrs Booth will be teaching Science again this year, and this terms topic is ‘materials’. The children will be carrying out various tests and experiments, ensuring science is a very practical lesson.


In IT we will be learning about e-safety as well as searching technologies effectively and how multi-media and technology is in our lives. The second part of the term we will be creating spreadsheets and databases.


Art will be focussed on our chocolate theme, and we will be looking closely at the graphic side of art. We will be designing our own graphics for our very own chocolate bar!


The majority of English lessons will relate to our overall topics, beginning the term with Narrative writing and looking at the very famous author Roald Dahl and his story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. SPaG will continue to be taught in more discrete sessions, with skills and knowledge tied in with writing lessons. Guided reading will also continue this year, with the children reading and developing their comprehension books through group and independent work. The children of course have reading books to take home and read regularly.


Maths lessons will cover a range of topic areas including number and place value, calculation, fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry and statistics. Friday sessions will remain focussed on basic arithmetic skills to continue building on the children’s fluency in maths. Problem solving and reasoning will also be a big focus this year. The children will still be continuing to learn SMIRF targets at home and encouraged to learn their times tables up to 12x12.


In P.E sessions, the children be learning Zumba  as well as developing their skills in invasion games. Please make sure they have their PE kits in school every day! Our timetabled lessons are Monday and Thursday afternoons. 






Welcome back to you all!

I hope you’ve all had a nice and relaxing Easter holiday and are now feeling refreshed for the busy summer term. Summer term is always one of my favourites because we have so many sporting events, including our own sports day and we get to enjoy the back field and the swimming pool when the sun is shining. So fingers crossed the sun shines brightly for us all!

Our overall topic for this term is Mayan Civilisation, with History and geography being the main focus. Within history lessons the children will be learning about the Mayan Civilisation and make comparisons between this period in British history (Anglo-Saxons).  In geography the children will be locating Mexico, where the Maya’s originated and then focus on the physical side of geography and at the wild weather that occurs, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.

English will be closely linked to our history and geography topic and we will firstly be looking back to traditional tales from this time period. We will then learn the techniques and skills needed to create our own traditional tale, loosely based around Mayan Civilisation. SPaG will continue to be taught every Monday and through guided reading on a daily basis.

I was ever so pleased with those children who completed the ‘Bronze Reading Challenge’ last term and are now rapidly moving forward towards their Silver award. Please can I remind you that to complete the challenge, children are expected to be reading at least 4 times at home, and those that read more receive a bonus star.  So please continue to keep reading as much as you possibly can…Reading really does make a difference.

Maths this term will be a large range of topics ranging from Area and Perimeter to division and multiplication. Just a reminder to keep learning your SMIRF’s, and the tests will continue to be on Friday mornings, along with your spelling test.

Art lessons will be focused on the artist Fredrick Catherwood, who looked closely at Mayan lifestyles, and the architecture. We will be using different mediums to create and resemble similar styles of art work. DT will be taught in the last half term, and all I’m saying is that the project will be based on our history and geography topic. I don’t want to give the game away.

In IT we will be learning programming, and using the program Scratch to support our learning.

In PSHE the focus this term will be ‘Going for Goals’ and ‘Changes’ linking into our Growth Mindset work, and encouraging pupils to believe in themselves and have the confidence they need to be able to achieve. As I always say ‘There’s no such thing as can’t’.

In PE, the first half term we will be learning the rules and skills to play rounders and the second half term will be swimming and athletics. PE will be on Monday’s and Thursday’s so ensure you have your PE kit, which should be blue shorts, white t-shirt, socks and trainers and a jumper (weather dependant).

Mrs Booth will be continuing to teach Class 3 on a Wednesday afternoon and will be teaching Science and Religious Education. In Science this term the children’s topic is ‘states of matter’ The R.E. topic for the term is ‘The role of charities- Can they change the world?

World Book Day

James Denny Visit - Olympic diver

Class 3 enjoying Sowerby Music Workshop

Chinese Dragon Dancing

Happy New Year from all of Class 3. We hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the festivities.  Here are Class 3’s topics for the Spring term. As always, if you have any questions please come in and see Miss Hartley.

Our overall topic for this term is Shang Dynasty, with History and Geography being the main focus. Within history lessons the children will be learning about the history of Shang Dynasty, religious beliefs, culture and every day routines. In geography the children will be looking closely at China, locating countries in South East Asia using atlases, globes and maps and physical and human geography and the impact in which Shang Dynasty had in China all those years ago. 

Art lessons will be linked closely to our overall topic, and the children will be researching Chinese art work.  DT will be later on in the term where the children will be learning to make a variety of Chinese food.

In IT we will be learning to use graphics packages such as Windows movie maker to create Stop frame animations.

The majority of English lessons will relate to our overall topic of Shang Dynasty as we look at myths and legends, poetry inspired by Chinese New Year ( 28th January), reports and documentary writing and instructional writing. SPaG will continue to be taught as a discrete sessions, with skills and knowledge tied in with writing lessons. Guided reading will continue on a daily basis, with the children reading and developing their comprehension skills whilst working in a group or independently. The children also have their own reading books which they take home and are expected to read 4-5 times a week. Research shows the importance of children reading at home as well as at school to reinforce their learning.

Maths lessons will cover a wide range of topic areas including number, calculation, fractions, decimals, percentages, algebra,  geometry, measure and statistics.  Friday’s sessions will be basic arithmetic skills to develop children’s fluency in maths. The children will be tested on their SMIRF’s every Friday morning.  Problem solving and reasoning are a huge focus this year, and on a weekly basis children will have a problem solving lesson where they work with their peers to solve problems related to the previous week’s topic.  By the end of Year 4 children are expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12, including the division facts.

In PE this term we are very lucky to have Mrs Broadhurst back teaching the whole school gymnastics. She will be teaching gymnastics every Thursday so children must have their indoor PE kit with them, this includes, shorts and a t-shirt. PE will also be on a Tuesday, and this focus is on games and weather dependent will be outside so children will need tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, jumper and outdoor trainers.

Mrs Booth will be continuing to teach Class 3 on a Wednesday afternoon and will be teaching Science and Religious Education. In Science this term the children’s topic is ‘Animals including human’. The R.E. topic for the term is ‘How can religious and spiritual ideas be expressed in different ways?’.


Below are a few websites which the children may find interesting and useful for homework or just for fun!


Christmas Play

Christmas Party

Christmas Church Service


Autumn term 

 Welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and relaxing summer. This autumn term is set to be an exciting one with lots going on, including a school trip and not forgetting the end of term Christmas Play!

Our history topic this term is ‘Britain since 1945, focusing mainly on space technology- The Man on the Moon’. We have already thought of what we would like to learn and have put our ideas into our lessons. We begin the topic by looking at the first man on the moon, 

Neil Armstrong, and are learning all about his fantastic adventure. Throughout the topic we will be looking at several aspects of space, including learning about the planets which links to our science topic.


In geography, we will then be looking at digital imagery of earth, satellites and how maps have changed over time. The focus will look at where launch pads are situated and which countries have space programs. 


Our Religious Education topics this term are ‘What do sacred texts say about God, and how we should live our lives focusing on the ten commandments and the Koran and looking at the differences and similarities. We will also look at the religious festivals e.g. Harvest Festival and Christmas.


ICT begins with importance of keeping safe whilst using the Internet. It is a vital topic which we believe is crucial to learn. In today’s society, ICT plays a huge part and it is extremely important to learn how we can use it safely. To link with our history topic the focus of ICT will be to create a spreadsheet showing the changes of population throughout the world.


Science is always a favourite topic, and this term our topics are ‘Earth and Space’ linking to our history topic, and ‘Forces- air, gravity and friction.


Our art topic this term will be to look at the famous artists Andy Warhol and Bridget Riley who focus on Pop art and Op art. The DT topic this term will focus on designing and making a space moving vehicle.


This term in PE we are lucky enough to have a dance specialist called Laura who will teach dance once a week. We will also be learning new skills for invasion games, such as football, netball and basketball.


Keep an eye on our class page for up and coming activities and photos. 

Below is a list of useful websites

See what's going on in Class 3 so far this term...


Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

Samba Drumming Workshop


Remember our Sumdog competition in Key Stage 2- Sumdog Champion! The person who goes on Sumdog the most and who scores the most are the Sumdog Champions for the month!

Are you going to be Sumdog champion this month?

Follow this link and use your password which is stuck in the front of your reading record to log in.

Samba Drumming Workshop

Class 3 had a fantastic day learning Samba drumming with Graeme. They worked hard all day learning different types of rhythms and different pieces so they could perform to the whole school. Thank you to all the parents that came. Class 3 hope you enjoyed it as much as they did, even though it was very loud! 


 Summer term = CARNIVAL TIME!


Welcome back! I hope you’ve all had a great Easter break and are ready for the fun summer term. Summer term is always one of my favourites as we have so many exciting things going on.


The majority of lessons this summer term will be based around our history and geography topic… Carnival Time! Yes, that’s right, we are heading over to Brazil to learn all about their culture and the landscape of the country. Brazil is such a vast country it’s very difficult to know where to begin.

In our history and geography lessons we will be learning about the Amazon river, the Amazon rainforest, the famous landmarks and of course Rio’s World Famous Carnival.


In Art, children will be designing and making their very own carnival masks and alongside this in DT they will be learning about the different types of food they eat during carnival time and (fingers crossed) making their own carnival street food.

Mrs Booth will be continuing with teaching science and RE and during this summer term the science topic is 'Light and Sound' and the RE topic is Sikhism. 


ICT lessons will be based on a programming site called ‘Scratch’ where your children will be designing their own computer game.


Class 3 have a definite love for maths, and this term we will be focusing on a range of topics including time, money, weight, capacity and word problems. Please encourage your child to continue learning their SMIRF’s and the times tables.                                                                                                                                       By the end of year 3 children are expected to know their times tables and division facts for 3, 4 and 8 times tables. By the end of year 4, children are expected to know their times tables and division facts for all times tables. E.g. Up to 12 x 12. 

Anglo- Saxons at Murton Park


What a fantastic school trip we had at Murton Park, dressing up and rein-acting Anglo-Saxon life. We were given costumes to wear (even the teachers) and the day was action packed full of fun from start to finish. We learnt about Anglo-Saxon village life; food, clothing, jobs, families and so much more. We took a stand on guard duty and were taught how to hold a spear and a shield correctly and also chanted 'Our wall will never break, our wall will never break'. We made our our oil lamps which the Anglo-Saxons used to decorate their homes with as they didn't have electricity. Our favourite part of the school trip was when Mrs Wood got put into the 'stocks' for being naughty. We all got to pull funny faces at her and the Lord of the Village punished her by pouring water down her back. 'Na, na, naa, naaa'. It really was a truly incredible school trip...Thank you Murton Park!



Spring term


As always Spring term looks to be a busy but exciting term with plenty of wonderful learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.


Our history topic this term is ‘Anglo- Saxons’ which is set to be a fun and exciting topic which includes an excellent school trip to Murton Park, where children will become Anglo-Saxons for the day and learn about this part of history. Look out for the pictures!


This then links to our geography topic ‘Sutton Hoo’ where children will be learning how to locate areas of the UK, including the counties of North Yorkshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. They will be investigating the key topographical features of Suffolk and how land use patterns have changed over time. Children will also be learning how to read a map and understand the keys and symbols that are on OS maps.


The science topic this term is ‘Living things and their habitats’ where children will be investigating different habitats for various animals and learning about the ‘Life Cycles’.


In Religious Education children will be focusing on the question: How and why do Hindus and Christians see life as a journey?


Art will also link to our Religious Education theme as we will be exploring stained glass windows and looking closely at how stained glass windows in Church tell a story or create a meaning.


In P.E this first half term we are lucky enough to have Mrs Broadhurst who is a gymnast specialist, teaching gymnastics on Thursday and Mondays we will have Mr Jackson teaching Hockey. Please make sure you have your indoor and outdoor PE kits on Mondays and Thursdays over this half term. An outdoor PE kit consists of tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt, jumper and trainers.


In ICT we will be learning ‘Control and Monitoring’ which means we will be programming Pro-bot cars, predicting and testing sequences of instructions.


Music will be linked to the history topic; studying the role of folk songs in telling social history.


Useful links


 Class 3's Wonderful Writing

 Take a look at our fabulous persuasive booklets! Our booklets give you a little insight about what Huby School has to offer!

Joe's booklet Joe's booklet


Paddy's bookletPaddy's booklet





Eden camp

What better way to kick start our WW2 topic than a trip to Eden camp. We all had a fantastic day learning about the past. Eden camp is made up of 30 different huts, all with different types of information about WW2. As a class our favourite hut was hut 6 which was called 'The Blitz'. Despite some of us been a little anxious entering because of it being dark, we all came out feeling quite emotional and having a small idea of what it was like for children during these awful times. 

On the look outOn the look out

Taking coverTaking cover   
















A new school year, a new class and lots of new and exciting topics!                                                                                                                                                                                Our first history topic of the year is World War Two and what a fun, interesting topic it is. We begin with looking at the 5 W’s- who, what, where, why and when. On September the 22nd we are visiting Eden Camp which guarantees to bring history to life and hopefully create a lasting impression us!  History will be the main focus throughout the first half term and running on through to the second part of the term. At the beginning of next half term we will focus more on Geography looking at Volcanoes and Earthquakes around the world.

Learn more about our history topic with the help of these websites:-

In English we are reading the classic novel ‘The Railway Children’. We will be picking the book apart, looking closely at the characters and the setting of the book. This is one of my old time favourites so I hope that Class 3 enjoy it just as much as I do.

In maths this term we will be concentrating on the fundamental aspects. Our topics include place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will also be learning geometry, such as the properties of 3D shapes.

Play a maths game on the below websites: -


Our DT project this half term links to our history project. We are going to be making Anderson Shelters using recycled materials. So please don’t throw away anything that may be used for this project.


PE will be on Monday’s with Mr Jackson and on Friday’s with me, so please ensure you have your indoor and outdoor PE kits with you on both of these days.  






Summer Term 2015 

We have had an excellent half term enjoying our new history topic 'The Story of Chocolate'. We kicked started our topic by visiting York Chocolate Story on the 6th May. We learned about York's chocolate history, who brought chocolate to York, who invented chocolate and lots, lots more! We had a fantastic time- despite the rain interrupting our chocolate quiz!

 Mr York HimselfMr York Himself




















This term our topic is CHOCOLATE! We are going to be researching the history of chocolate, where it came from, who founded it, where it’s grown and were even going to be tasting chocolate and making our own chocolate treats. Use the links below to help you research:


In English we are going to be reading 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl to kick start our Chocolate topic. Over the four weeks we will be looking closely at sentence structure, character descriptions and eventually we will be writing our own adventure stories.

In Maths we will be revising and consolidating the four number operations and using them in a wider context, looking closely at number problems, including solving Suduko puzzles. 

Every term we try our best to link the subjects together, and as this terms topic is Chocolate, our Science topic is 'States of Matter' where we will be looking at solids, liquids and gases.

Mr Craske will be teaching Cricket during his PE lessons on a Monday, and Miss Hartley will be starting Athletics on a Wednesday. After the half term, we will be continuing with Athletics and games but also trying to swim as much as possible. All of Class 3 are eager to get the swimming gear on and enjoy their swimming lessons! Let's hope the sunshine appears soon!

Summer term is always a busy term with Sports day looming, 'Carnival time' and many more exciting extra curricular activities. Keep checking the website for photos and updates throughout the term.


Spring Term 2015

 World book day

 Every year we celebrate World Book day by dressing up as our favourite book characters and yet again Class 3 did not fail to impress. We had Where’s Wally, Paddington Bear, Percy Jackson, Boy in the dress, Gangster granny and lots more wonderful imaginative costumes. We had a fun filled day, full of discussion about our favourite books and even listened to the teacher’s favourite childhood stories.  A big thank you to everyone who helped put the fabulous costumes together!  


World Book DayWorld Book Day

World Book Day 2World Book Day 2 











Huby Young Writers

 This was our second year running our ‘Huby Young Writers’ competition and again it was very successful. We ran it to co-inside with the BBC Radio 2 500 words competition and the entries that we received were fantastic. All the staff enjoyed reading the stories that came flooding in and it was extremely hard deciding the winners.


2015 Year 4 Huby Young Writer went to Kaleb

2015 Year 3 Huby Young Writer went to Savanna

 A big congratulations to Kaleb and Savanna, and all the other children that entered the competition. Well Done!


 York Mosque visit

 Class 3 visited York Mosque as part of their Religious Education topic ‘Why do people love their sacred places?’ We were greeted by the Imam of York Mosque, who showed us around the building and talked to us about his religion. The children asked plenty of questions and developed their understanding of the Islamic religion.

York MosqueYork Mosque

 York MosqueYork Mosque









Church Visit.

 Continuing on from the topic ‘why do people love their sacred places?’, we visited our local church in Sutton called All Hallows. Here we were greeted by Reverend Ellis and he kindly showed us around the Church. Even though we visit the Church at various times throughout the year, we never get the opportunity to spend time looking at the different areas. Reverend Ellis explained the areas of the Church and discussed the importance and meanings of each, including the stained glass windows which we all found extremely interesting as we didn’t realise each one told a story.

Church visitChurch visit


Church FontChurch Font 

  Comic Relief- Red Nose day

 On Friday 13th March, Huby School went completely wacky for Red Nose day. The children looked fantastic, we had children with red hair, children with crazy hair and children wearing all red. You all made a fantastic effort and you definitely ‘did something funny for money’. Again, a big thank you to all children and parents.


Researching Comic ReliefResearching Comic Relief

Red Nose dayRed Nose day











Street dance spectacular!



Warming upWarming up















Class 3 turn into Rebellious Romans.

On Tuesday 13th January 2015, Class 3 visited Murton Park to learn about the Romans. The children had to learn how to fight, using their spears and shields, make oil lamps, guard the fought and write their names in Latin before becoming Roman Soldiers. They all passed the test successfully and were told by the Centurion they were reliable and trustworthy Roman soldiers. A fantastic trip out, and a great start to the year! 


In the Spring term our work across the curriculum will focus on various topics, all linking in with our History topic ‘The Romans'. We kick off our new topic by visiting The Danelaw Centre for Living History to learn the day to day life of a Roman soldier, how a fort was built and how it was laid out. 



During our maths lesson we will be focusing mainly on Number; including fractions. We will also be learning to tell the time using Roman numerals, again linking in with our History topic.


Our Literacy topic is wide spread this term, looking at newspapers and magazines to writing a magical myth! 



Autumn Term 2014

Our subjects this term are mainly based on our History topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’ which is new to the curriculum this year. The children will be learning about how people lived; where they lived, what they ate, how they hunted their food, how they made their tools , how the built their homes and lots more!             Geography links very closely by looking into where Stone Age to Iron Age people settled, and learning to read maps and compasses. 


In PE, Mr Crayske will be teaching the children to improve their ball skills in a variety of different sport; football, netball and rugby. Mr Crayske will be teaching Class 3 on a Monday. On Thursday's, the children will be learning a variety of skills playing invasion games. When the weather starts to get colder we will be moving inside to learn Gymnastics but don't worry for those that loved Zumba last year..... that will begin after Christmas!


During the first half term, we have kept ourselves very busy!!

We had such a fun and exciting week at the end of last half term; we had our Harvest Festival to prepare and it wasn't just straight forward. In topic we had been learning about harvest and why it is important to celebrate and support the festival. We decided that we wanted to give the congregation a little something to take home after Harvest Festival to show them how much we support one another. Take a look at our yummy treats we decorated.


Using our maths skills to weigh our ingredients.Using our maths skills to weigh our ingredients.Using equipment sensiblyUsing equipment sensibly












Take a look at our finished cupcakes for our story Mr Wolf's cupcakes- helping and sharing with one another.


taaadaaahhtaaadaaahh During this half term we have been creating our own piece of music and we decided that we needed to make our own musical instruments to play our short tunes. We looked at several instruments, choose the instrument we wanted to make, looked at similar instruments, evaluated different materials suitable for our instruments, designed our instruments and then we got down to the messy part- making our musical instruments. We had lots of fun making them, and, nearly all of them played a great note... Some improvements have been made since!
























This half term we have had a great time learning about how people lived during the Stone Age and Iron Age. We had a large basket full of artefacts from the Stone Age and Bronze era, and some of us tried on the different costumes.

Bronze Age AxeBronze Age AxeShawl with bronze pinShawl with bronze pin


 A rather heavy objectA rather heavy object












Which animal do you think this artefact is from?











Children in Need!!

For this years Children In Need, the School Council decided that the whole school should come dressed in their Pyjamas. Everyone took part, we had pj's, dressing gowns, and some very warm looking onesies. In the afternoon, all classes took on the challenge 'Which class can build the highest coin tower?' This was a rather tricky task, and a lot of team work was involved. Unfortunately, the coin towers were no bigger than 20 cm before they tumbled but the children didn't give up and kept on trying! It was then time to count the coins... All children concentrated hard and again worked together as a team to add the coins together.

Well done to all children!!

Counting carefullyCounting carefully












A big well done to all children in Class 3 and 4, for their fantastic Christmas plays. The Christmas play really was  ‘ An out of this World Christmas’.


















Keep checking our class page to find out what exciting things we get up to!