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Welcome to Class 4! 

Welcome back to Class 4!

Class 4 have had a busy start to the Autumn term with the Year 6s being buddies to our new reception children and the Year 5s and 6s taking up their new roles as helpful hands around the school including assembly monitors, water bottle monitors and lunchtime helpers. Year 6 have also been hard at work with their Bikeability training helping them get road ready on their bikes.


We have started learning about our two new topics: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and Huby Primary School 50 Years On. This week we started off by exploring how different school life was in the 1960s learning about the nit nurse, dancing around the May pole and playing conkers! We then explored some of the major events of the 1960s including the first heart transplant in 1967 and the first man to walk on the moon in 1969.


As part of our topic on The Jungle Book we have each been researching a different jungle animal ready to write an information text next week. Some of the most interesting facts we have found so far include: the Giant Goliath Bird-eating spider can have a leg span of up to 35cm long, the Jesus Christ Lizard can walk on water to avoid predators and Leaf-cutter ants can carry things up to fifty times their weight!


In PE this half term, Class 4 are developing their hockey skills on Tuesday afternoons with myself and their Zumba skills each Thursday afternoon. Please ensure as the weather gets colder your child has an appropriate PE kit for both indoor and outdoor sessions.


Mrs Booth is teaching RE and spellings each Wednesday afternoon and will be sending spellings home each week for Class 4 to learn.


We will be doing our SMIRF targets each Friday morning so please practise these at home so we can continue beating your own targets. As well as this, reading regularly with your child can help them develop their spelling, vocabulary and grammar knowledge. The reading challenge has started this week and we are hoping all of Class 4 can reach their Bronze Award before the Christmas break!


We are looking forward to our class trip to the Askham Bryan College for a rain forest workshop next Thursday 28th. If you would like your child to go on this trip please bring in consent forms by Monday 25th September.


 We have been practising our mixed times tables using Hit the Button and trying to beat our own scores. If you would like to access it at home the link is:


East Barnby! 

We have had a fantastic week over at East Barnby with our year 6s! Everyone has given 100% to all the different activities and supported each other brilliantly too. I'm sure that the year 6s will have some stories to share over the weekend and next week. Here are just a few photos of what we have been up to...

East Barnby 2017

Konflux Theatre - A play in a day!

We had a brilliant day with Konflux Threatre, learning about the Maya civilisation and performing a fantastic play at the end of the day. The children did very well to learn all their lines without even seeing a script! Well done Class 3 and 4 - a great day!

Summer Term 2017

Hope everyone has had a great holiday!

I was absolutely delighted to see 15 Class 4 members receive their Bronze Reading Award before the holiday. Some real determination and effort has been demonstrated here. Well done and keep up the great reading!

Well, it’s the last term and perhaps the busiest term of them all. Hopefully the sun will be shining on us so that we can make the most of the back field and the swimming pool!

In the next few of weeks, the year 6 children will be sitting their SATs. The first couple of weeks back will be spend revising and doing a final bit of preparation work for the year 6s. We have worked really hard and the children are well prepared for the upcoming tests. Best of luck year 6!

Our overall topic will be the Maya civilisation. During this topic we will be looking at different aspects of the Maya, as well as comparing it to the Anglo-Saxon settlement in Britain which took place during a similar period in time. This history topic will be linked with our geography, focussing on ‘wild earth’ as we look at volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes. This all ties in nicely with the Maya, who originated in Central America.

English will also be closely linked with our topic of the Maya, starting with exploring traditional Maya stories. I will be linking SPaG with our writing more in order to encourage the children to apply their growing knowledge of SPaG within their own writing. Guided reading will also continue as well as spelling on Thursday afternoons with Mrs Booth. The children will have spellings and reading to do every week, at home, and I would love to see some Silver Reading Awards handed out this term! Please remind your child to keep their reading record up to date and to get it signed after reading.

Maths will start with measure and geometry and move onto more problem solving based activities as the term progresses. SMIRFs will of course continue as well, with everyone being tested on a target every Friday morning.  

Art and D.T will also be connected to our Maya topic as we explore Maya artwork and architecture, and the work of Frederick Catherwood, a man who documented and sketched a number of Maya ruins and relics. IT will also relate, with the children using programming software called Scratch to create their own Maya themed game.

Summer term is of course the term of sport too! Later in the term there will of course be swimming, as well as rounders and athletics to kick-start the term’s P.E. We also have a few sporting competitions – the tag rugby final included! Good luck team!

World Book Day

James Denny Olympic Diver

Miss Hampson

Mrs Webster

Mrs WebsterMrs Webster

Some useful websites

Topic: - lots of great information about the Maya. 


General: - Information and interactive activities for maths, English and science. - Interactive games and activities for all subjects. - Interactive games and activities for all subjects.


Maths: - Used this in class. Explains different math’s terms and concepts and also provides online questions to review knowledge. - Similar to the above website but with more interactive activities and games. 

Chinese Dragon Dancing

Spring Term 2017

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back!

This term our main focus will be the Shang Dynasty and China. We will be learning about the history of the Shang dynasty in detail, looking at timelines, archaeological findings, rulers and emperors, farming and settlement, and religion. As part of this, our geography will focus on China, exploring physical and human features.  

Art and D.T will also be closely linked with our main topic with the children looking at Chinese art and calligraphy, and Chinese food.

Music will also be closely linked and we are fortunate to have booked an in-school Chinese workshop!

This term we are very lucky to have one lesson of gymnastics per week with a gym teacher. The second lesson of class P.E will more based on games (striking and fielding) and we will aim to be outside as much as possible. The children will need their gymnastic kit (shorts and t-shirt) in school every Thursday and their full kit (including trainers, a jumper, jogging bottoms, a t-shirt and a spare pair of socks) in school every Tuesday.  

Our English work will again consist of guided reading, SPaG, spelling and writing. Writing will link with the main topic, starting with the children thinking about ‘inspiring younger audiences’ through retelling the story of the Chinese Zodiac. This will in turn link with ICT, with the children making their own short stop-frame animation. During guided reading, we will be focussing on a story called Holes, with each group looking in depth at the text.

Maths this term will focus on number, geometry, measure and statistics. We will also continue to build on basic arithmetic skills, with this remaining the focus of Friday sessions.

Science will have a biology focus this term. Our topic ‘animals including humans’ is larger about the human body, the circulatory and digestive systems, nutrients and health.

Homework itself will continue to be more project based. SMIRFs and reading should also be carried out regularly at home, at least 4-5 times a week. Little and often is best!

Just below you will find a selection of websites useful for year 5 and 6 children. These maybe helpful for anyone who wishes to carry out revision prior to SATs or just work on any tricky areas.

A few useful website with information about the Shang Dynasty:

Remembrance Poetry

Class 4 worked really hard to produce some wonderfully thoughtful poetry for Remembrance. Here are just a few which were read during the service held at Huby Chapel to mark the day.

The Soldier's Hard Work

The Remembered Soldiers

Remember Again

The Gun

The Trenches

Some useful websites for year 5 and 6

Here are just a few websites suitable for Key Stage 2. These may be particularly useful for Year 6 revision or revisiting areas that may need a little extra time and work. 

General: - Information and interactive activities for maths, English and science. - Interactive games and activities for all subjects. - Interactive games and activities for all subjects.


Maths: - Used this in class. Explains different math’s terms and concepts and also provides online questions to review knowledge. - Similar to the above website but with more interactive activities and games. 


5 Minutes of Fame has begun...

Class 4's 5 Minutes of Fame was kicked off by Josh's excellent presentation all about football. We love 5 Minutes of Fame and everyone is very excited for more over the coming weeks.

KS2 Christmas Party

KS2 Christmas Play

Class 4 in The Christmas Church Service with the choir and musicians


Class 3 and 4 had a fantastic trip to Eureka! The science museum had a lot to offer with the different galleries, including: All about me, Sound and Our global garden. We also took part in a workshop all about space. During the workshop, our budding scientists learned about what it takes to be an astronaut. This included: operating robotic arms, testing absorbent materials and using marshmallows to observe the effect of a vacuum on astronauts in space.   

So far this term in Class 4...

Autumn Term 2016!

Welcome back to everyone and welcome to our newest members of class 4. We have another buys term ahead of us in the run up to Christmas and of course the excitement of another Christmas play to round it all off!  


Our overall topic for this term is space, with science and technology being the main focus. Within science lessons the children will be learning about our solar system, the moon, and day and night. In science we will also be learning about various forces, keeping with the physics subject and exploring air and water resistance, friction and gravity. In the first half term we will be going to Eureka with Class 3 for a space workshop!

History and Geography will also be closely linked with space, as the children use maps to locate various countries and specific locations associated with space technology and travel. The children will be looking at the development of space exploration since the 1950s as well as the experience of modern day astronauts and the technology they use. Within D.T lessons, the children will be finding out about and designing their own space vehicle.

In IT we will be learning about e-safety as well as using and creating spreadsheets and databases using data based on the planets of the solar system.

Art will be focussed on Pop Art, linking more to history and the rise of technology and commercialism.

The majority of English lessons will relate to our overall topic of space as we look at science fiction, reports, recounts, story writing and debating. SPaG will continue to be taught in more discrete sessions, with skills and knowledge tied in with writing lessons. Guided reading will also continue this year, with the children reading and developing their comprehension books through group and independent work. The children of course have reading books to take home and read regularly (ideally 4 - 5 times a week).

Maths lessons will cover a range of topic areas including number and place value, calculation, fractions, decimals, percentages, geometry and statistics. Friday sessions will remain focussed on basic arithmetic skills to continue building on the children’s fluency in maths. Problem solving and reasoning will also be a big focus this year. The children will still be continuing to learn SMIRF targets at home and encouraged to learn their times tables up to 12x12. 

In P.E sessions, the children be learning from a professional dance teacher as well as developing their skills in invasion games. 

Below are a few websites which the children may find interesting and useful for homework or just for fun! 

Summer Term 2016!

East Barnby Residential

Our Year 6 pupils attended East Barnby Outdoor Education Centre for five days in May.  Here are some of photographs of their first day of activities:-


Enjoying the wavesEnjoying the waves











Well, we’ve already reached the final term of the school year! Class 4 have a very important term ahead of them, especially
the year 6s who will be sitting their SATs very soon and preparing for the move to secondary school. This term, of course, we also have East Barnby to look forward to!

Below are a few websites for revision, which the children already know about and probably use. The weekend before and during SATs week (9th May), the children are best off not over-doing-it, sleeping well and trying to relax and make the most of it.

Our main topic for this term is BRAZIL! The topic will be centred on geography with the children further developing their geographical skills and language. We will be looking at the precise location of Brazil and cities as well and the physical geography, including the Amazon rainforest. Within this we will be exploring the climate of this country and trying to explain why it is so wet in the rainforest!

Throughout history lessons we will be thinking about significant changes Brazil has gone through and how the Portuguese explorers in the 16th century had such a huge impact on the country and people. We will also be finding out about the indigenous people of the forest and linking this theme with our art work. Though exploring the culture of Brazil and its traditions, we will also be learning about the carnival, linking this more with our D.T work.

Science will cover two main topics this term, starting with electricity and then moving into light. Throughout these two topics the class will be carrying out a lot of investigative and practical work.

Within various subjects we will be using ICT for researching and presenting information. We will also be continuing to use a programme called ‘scratch’, learning how to code and creating a game with the theme of ‘the rainforest’. E-safety will also continue to be taught. This is something that seems to be increasingly important for Class 4, and indeed all primary children. Below are a few websites which we have used in class. They contain videos and information for children and parents.

English and maths will form some links with our main topic. This term in English we will be looking at poetry, explanation texts, discussion and debate as well as narrative writing. SPAG will continue to be taught throughout the term as well as reading in English lessons and guided reading sessions. For the first half term, certainly, we will be focussing on preparing year 6 children as well as possible for the upcoming tests. Maths will once again see us covering a variety of topics, starting with angles, shape, ratio and proportion and areas of arithmetic.

Mrs Booth will continue to take Class 4 one afternoon each week, teaching spelling, R.E and music. The children will be continuing to learn how to play their string instruments.

P.E days will once again be Monday and Thursday. Mr Jackson will be teaching the class cricket on Monday afternoon and on Thursday mornings we will be working on our rounders skills. The children must therefore have their full kits (including trainers) in school on Monday and Thursday. Hopefully, in the second half term, we will also be in the pool! 

Spring Term 2016!

Welcome back everyone! Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas.

This term our main topic ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ is centered on a more historical theme. Whilst we will be looking in detail at aspects of Ancient Egypt and the civilisation built by the Egyptian people, our geography topic will lead us onto looking at the mighty River Nile and its importance to people. Throughout our history work we will be exploring what archaeologists have discovered about the ancient Egyptians, when this period rose in history, why they built pyramids, who the pharaohs were and other key aspects of ancient Egypt.

Useful website for geography and history:  - a wide range of information about ancient Egypt. - some interesting facts about ancient Egypt.


Our art and D.T will also link closely with these themes as we examine ancient Egyptian art, including tomb paintings and hieroglyphics. We will be looking at Shadufs, a vital piece of farming equipment to the ancient Egyptians, and creating models.

ICT will also be linked with ancient Egypt with the children exploring how to use a coding programme called Scratch to create their own game with an Egyptian theme!

Where possible English will link in with our main topic. We will be starting the term by looking at narrative and how to write a successful story. Persuasion/ argument and poetry will also be covered over the term as well as numerous different texts studied in guided reading and alongside writing lessons. Grammar and punctuation will also be taught within discrete lessons as well as in writing lessons to embed knowledge.     

Science will be taught discretely from the main theme, with its own topic of ‘evolution and inheritance’. Through this topic we will be exploring how animals and plants have evolved and look at how adaptations have led to evolution. We will of course be looking at what evidence tells us, including looking closely at fossils.

Useful websites for science: - videos about evolution and inheritance. - information about extinct and endangered animals.  - Information about endangered animals.


Maths will also follow its own discrete plan with a wide range of areas being covered over the term, from place value and number to calculations, fractions, measures, time, and statistics. We will also be dedicating more time to arithmetic and securing the children’s knowledge and confidence in calculation.

Homework will continue to be project based, tying in with our various topics over the term. As well as this, the children have regular homework, such as reading (at least 4 to 5 times a week) and learning their times tables and SMIRFs. Practicing these skills little and often really does benefit the children, so please support and encourage your child in keeping up to date and managing their work load. 

Useful website for a range of curriculum subjects:

Mrs Booth will be taking Class 4 on Thursday afternoons for spelling and handing. She will also be alternating between R.E and music

Mr Humbug sees the light!

As always, the children put on a fantastic performance for Christmas. We had some excellent acting and singing, including a few solos from Lewis, Marilyn, Daisy and Henry. The spirits did a fantastic, scary job, especially Henri in his retro ghost costume. Of course, special mention should be given to Henry for his wonderful performance as Mr Humbug. He really took the role on whole heartedly and delivered a brilliant performance as the lead character. Well done Classes 3 and 4! 

5 Minutes of Fame

The children made an EXCELLENT job of 5 Minutes of Fame this year. The presentations just seemed to get better and better with everyone making a great effort. Everyone is certainly keen to have another round in the summer term, although, we may need to rename it to 20 minutes of fame! I think Thomas and Henri won for the longest presentations, producing some very detailed Powerpoint presentations.  Finishing the presentations with a quiz was also a popular choice and worked very well. Something to keep in mind for next time too!

Our trip to Danby

We all had an excellent time at Danby and what a fantastic way to start the year! The children were beautifully behaved and enthusiastically participated throughout the day. This trip fitted well with both our main theme and science topic for the term, and I feel confident in saying everybody learned something!

Our day began with an activity called geocaching. The children had to put their map reading skills to the test in order to find ‘caches’ hidden around the Moors Centre. It was a little like orienteering, but each child had a GPS, which gave them the correct bearing and distance to their next cache. Well done to the winning group who managed to find all the caches, answer the questions and position each cache accurately on the map.

After lunch we ventured further from the centre and made our way to a tributary of the river Esk. Working within 3 groups, the children gathered a range of information from the river. They worked together to collect data; measuring the width, depth and flow of the stream. A sample of the creatures living in the water was also taken and we found a number of stonefly nymphs, which are an indication of clean, unpolluted water. 

Luckily, the weather held out all day and we were able to enjoy and make the most of our surroundings. Thank you to Class 4 for making our first trip of the school year so good, and thank you to the helpers who made our trip possible. 

Autumn Term 2015!

Welcome back to everyone and especially to the enthusiastic new members of class 4! The children certainly seem keen and ready to learn and hopefully we have another great year.

Our main topic this term has a large geographical focus as we will be carrying out a study of North Yorkshire, thinking about the physical and human features of this county. We will be using a variety of maps to carry out a range of work looking at North Yorkshire as well as our local area and surroundings. In the second half of the term our focus will move towards The Amazon as we make comparisons between North Yorkshire and a tropical location.

Within History, we will be looking at how different ages have shaped North Yorkshire, starting from the very beginning with the formation of Earth. We will also look at evidence found from the Stone Age and the children will also be able to use their prior knowledge of the Viking and Roman influences within York and the surrounding area.

Art will also link with the main theme, focussing on landscape and the work of David Hockney. We will be exploring visual elements within artwork and ultimately create paintings. D.T and music will be taught during the second half term and both carry the theme of nursery rhymes.

ICT will also cross into our theme with data handling based on the UK’s climate. Throughout the term we will be continuously thinking and learning about e-safety and how to use electronic devices safely and responsibly.

Our science topic will be ‘Living things and their habitats’, which will fit perfectly with the activities planned for our trip to Danby on the 17th September. The main part of this topic is focussed on life cycles and classification of living things.

Useful websites for our science topic:

Where possible, English will be linked with the main theme, however our first text will be The Hobbit as an example of classic literature. We will also be exploring poetry, biographies, instructions and the study of other texts. Spelling will continue to be taught by Mrs Dransfield, with punctuation and grammar taught during a separate discrete session. Guided reading sessions will continue to be on a weekly rota, with each child reading in a group with the teacher once a week.

Maths will be applied to topic sessions and science where possible as well as taught in discrete lessons, which follow the many different subject areas. Our maths lessons will begin with number and place value, moving on to calculation as well as areas of data handling, shape and measure.

Each child has their own login for Sumdog. Just click on the web address below to access the maths games online:    

P.E will be taught in two lessons each week, with Mr Jackson leading the session on Monday. The focus of P.E will be on games earlier in the term, followed by gym and dance closer to Christmas. 

Below are a few websites which appeared on this page last year as revision aids, but they are well worth a look at any time in school year: - English and maths – activities and games as well as information. - very useful dictionary/glossary of mathematical terms as well as online questions and activities - interactive activities across a range of subjects and topics. - so many resources on here for all subjects.



Class 4 2014 - 2015

Greece is the Word!

As you know, our topic for this half term is ‘Eureka’ and the main focus of most of our class work has been Ancient Greece. It’s very difficult to find a suitable trip for such a topic, but Konflux theatre in education provided the solution! 

Class 4 took part in a fantastic workshop called ‘Greece is the Word’ delivered by Chris from Konflux. I have never seen the class so completely enthused and enthralled! The whole day was an absolutely success, starting with some fun warm up activities and ending in a performance to the rest of the school in the afternoon.

Throughout the majority of the day, the whole class worked together under the careful direction of Chris to produce a play all about Ancient Greece. There were a few shy and reluctant faces at the beginning, but by the end everyone wanted to have a part. The enjoyment could be heard throughout the school!

The play began by introducing Ancient Greece as a land of diversity, with doctors, writer, athletes, and even slaves! Along the way, it introduced the super powers of the Mycenaeans, Athenians and terrifying Spartans! Groups of children then created scenes from well know Greek texts. We also had famous Greeks taking part in the final of ‘Ancient Greece Has Got Talent’, including Archimedes making his discovery of displacement in the bathtub! Eureka! Perhaps the star of the show was Alexander the Great, whose life and conquests were acted out with high drama.

The whole day was absolutely brilliant and the children had a great time learning more about the Ancient Greek civilization through constructing and performing a play. Thank you very much Class 4, you entertained us all!

Summer Term

This term looks set to be an incredibly busy one in the run up to the summer holidays! The year 6s will be sitting their SATs during the week commencing 11th May. If you would like to know the timetable for the SATs week, then click here. It is crucial that every year 6 child is in school for this week and on time.

During the final few weeks before the test period, Class 4 will be revising many areas across the maths and English curriculum. We will also be continuing to complete past papers as the children find this very useful in preparing them.

Our main theme for this term is entitled ‘Eureka’.  The majority of our work will focus on the Ancient Greeks and Greece. Within this, the children will be researching and exploring aspects of history; from life in ancient Greece, to the Greek Empire, famous Greeks, battles and warriors. As part of the children’s geographical studies, we will be looking at Greece using various maps and sources of information and thinking about the country from a tourist’s perspective.

Art and D.T will tie in with this main theme, with the children making sculptures using clay and exploring ancient Greek artwork and artefacts. As part of D.T the children will be looking at Greek cooking, sampling some food and creating their own dishes.

In English we will begin by looking at Greek Mythology and linking this with our music work. We will also be focussing on poetry and persuasive writing throughout the term. Reading, spelling and grammar work will also continue alongside this.  

Our main science topic will be ‘Animals, Including Humans’ with an emphasis on the human body: the circulatory system, digestive system, and how to be healthy.

The first 4 weeks will be revision weeks in maths, covering topics which we feel need revisiting and reinforcing. After this, we will be largely focusing on number and calculation in order to secure and embed the children’s knowledge. The children all have their own username and password for Sumdog. Follow the link to access the homepage.   

Mr Crask will continue to lead one P.E session a week on games, with the other lesson focussed on athletics. The children need to have their P.E kits in school every Monday and Wednesday ready for outdoor P.E, as much as the weather allows. Later in the term we will of course be swimming!

Homework will continue to be given out on Friday and collected in the following Thursday. The tasks will vary in type and subject to fit in with our class work. Every child also needs to keep reading regularly and learning their SMIRFs (maths targets). 

Here are some useful website related to our main topic:

Useful Revision websites:

We have been revising and completing past SATs papers in class over the past few weeks and will continue to do so up until the SATs, which will take place during the week commencing 11th May. Below are some links to a few useful websites, which the children may like to use at home for an extra bit of revision, especially over the Easter Holidays. We have used all these websites at some point in class and they are really good, interactive sources of revision. - English and maths – activities and games as well as information. - very useful dictionary/glossary of mathematical terms as well as online questions and activities - interactive activities across a range of subjects and topics. - so many resources on here for all subjects. 


Father Terence

Classes 3 and 4 were fortunate to receive a visit from Father Terence, a Benedictine Monk who lives at Ampleforth Abbey. Father Terence began by showing the children some photographs of where he lives and sharing some insight into his role as a monk. Once again, the children had some interesting questions for our visitor and were very interested to learn about life in the Abbey. 

York Mosque

Class 4, along with class 3, visited York Mosque to experience first-hand another type of sacred building. We were greeted by the Imam of York Mosque who was very keen to show us around the building and talk with the children about various aspects of Muslim life. He was very impressed by the children’s knowledge and questions, as were all the staff! It was incredibly interesting to see the Mosque and further our understanding of the Islamic religion. 

Code Club!

This half term has seen Code Club begin on Wednesday afternoon, after school. We have had 9 regular class 4 members taking part in the club, which has so far consisted of using a coding programme called Scratch. The children are very familiar with Scratch now and have used it to make games, music, and drawing programme. We need to also say a big thank you to Mr Bowes, who has given up his time each week to come in and lead the sessions with the children. Each week the children have completed a different task and had fun exploring the world of coding and programming. 

Clog Dancing (Sowerby Music )

Our day began with an amazing performance by Sowerby Music, who played several instruments, sang and danced for us. They also told us several stories, including one about clogs and their original use in the North of England.The children were all very inspired by this and certainly eager to put on a pair of clogs! So, after watching the experts and finding the correct size of clog, Class 4 had a go at clog dancing. It required a great deal of concentration, timing and rhythm. At the end of the day, the dance was performed. Thank you to Sowerby Music for giving us the opportunity to try something new.  

Street Dancing

Over the 6 weeks of the first Spring Half Term, every class has had a lesson a week from a professional dance teacher. The children have really enjoyed these sessions with Laura, constructing a dance routine which involves street dancing and even a little break dancing. Some children have even been brave enough to show off their moves in a jam, which involves improvising dance moves in the middle of a circle! The dance ability of some individuals, and the enthusiasm and confidence shown by so many of the children has been very impressive. The 6 weeks of dance lessons ended with a fantastic performance, beginning with a large scale, whole school warm up! Class 4 looked excellent performing their routine to ‘Don’t Stop the Party’. Well done class 4!  

Spring Term in Class 4

How time flies! We have had a busy start to our term with lots of fabulous work produced so far.

This term our main topic is 'The Vikings' and we started by investigating what evidence left by the Vikings could tell us about who they were and how they lived their lives. We have found out a lot about this period of history so far and will continue to look at aspects of this period in history.

Alongside this, geography, D.T, art and music will be closely linked. The children have so far gathered information about Scandinavia in order to produce a PowerPoint presentation about this region of the world. The children have so far produced some Viking shields and wonderful sketches of longship figureheads. Over the second part of the term the children will be putting their textiles and printings skills to use too!

Our main science topic for the whole term is 'Materials' and the children have already been investigating properties of materials through first hand exploration and practical work. As this topic progresses we will be looking more at changes of materials. 

Once again, English will be linked with our main topic. The children have already produced some excellent mystery stories as well as discussion texts in history. Next we will be looking at report writing before moving onto poetry, explanation texts and more fiction to finish!   

Maths will continue to rotate between number, calculation, shape, measure and data handling. Within maths the children have also been looking at puzzles more and working on their mental maths. 'Big Maths! Beat That!' has been a popular addition to our maths lessons and has had a positive effect on the children's mental recall of number facts!

As always, the children have regular reading, SMIRFs (maths targets) and spellings to practice and learn at home. In Class 4 homework is given out on a Friday and collected in the following Thursday. The homework varies from week to week to try and appeal to the children's different interests as well as build on the work we do in class.

An Out-Of-This-World Christmas...

The Christmas play was FANTASTIC! The children worked really hard on this production over the weeks prior and on the night delivered an excellent performance. The acting, singing and dancing were all super and the children all said they enjoyed An Out-Of-This-World Christmas. Thank you to everyone who helped in getting the play organised and especially to the parents for providing such wonderfully creative costumes!


Space Day


We had an excellent day with the Star Dome and other related space activities! In the morning the children were split into two groups, alternating between rocket building and looking at star constellations in the dome. We then tested the rockets before lunch using a stomp rocket. Well done to the winning team - their rocket managed to travel 7 metres!

In the afternoon we then created enlarged images of star constellations and completed a quiz all about the Star Dome session from the morning.

To finish the day the whole class went back into the Star Dome and looked at the constellations for one last time whilst listening to some stories about Orion, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. We also watched the summer and winter sun move around us to simulate the earth's orbit and how the position of the sun appears to change according to the season.

All in all, everyone had a great day! Big thank you to Mrs Dransfield for organising and leading the sessions in the Dome for every class.

Children in Need Pyjama Day! 

The School Council decided that we would raise money for Children in Need by coming to school in our pj's! So, everyone made a superb effort and came in their finest nightwear. There were some lovely onesies! The children generously also bought in 2ps and 1ps to take part in a competition to see which class could produce the tallest coin tower. A very dedicated group in Class 4 took up this challenge and produced a tower, which could only be described as a feat of engineering! Their hard work led to Class 4 winning the coin tower challenge. The final height was around 25cm and the tower was completed the following week. Good luck counting up the coins!


On the 11th November, Class 4 took part in a Remembrance Service at the Methodist Chapel. The children had worked really hard to prepare some thoughtful poetry based on World War 1 and Remembrance, which a number chose to share. 


More 5 Minutes of Fame!

We are still going with 5 Minutes of Fame and it seems to be getting better and better. The children are putting a lot of effort into the preparation, with some even putting together quizzes to get everyone involved. We have already talked about doing 5 Minutes of Fame again at some point in the new year.  

Is Space Exploration a Waste of Money?

We have linked our space theme with argument and debating over the past few weeks, resulting in a very interesting debate based on the above question. As a class, we decided on a motion: stop all funding of space programmes world wide. The children began by gathering information to support them in forming their own opinion.

When it came to the debate, we had a strong team of 'proposers' and an equally strong team of 'opposes'. A large proportion of the class were initially undecided, but still presented some interesting arguments and thoughtful ideas. 

During the debate itself, the children presented some challenging arguments. The debate was held together and order was maintained by an excellent 'speaker'. 

In the end, the final vote was held and amazingly resulted in a 14 all draw. However, the speaker has the final say and the motion was... DEFEATED!

5 Minutes of Fame has kicked off!

This term, class 4 will all be having their 5 Minutes of Fame! During this time, each child has the opportunity to share something interesting about themselves. We have had a great range of hobbies and interests shared so far; from piano playing to fossils, and rare coins to cricket. The children have put in an excellent effort, preparing notes, handouts and even PowerPoint presentations. 

Forest Quest!

On Friday morning Class 4 had their first taste of Forest Quest. Everyone enjoyed the experience and the different activities which we were able to try, including fire building and tree climbing! The bog proved to be a popular feature of the wood too and the girls came back noticeably more muddy than the boys! Thank you for a great morning Class 4. 

We are incredibly lucky to have a brand new classroom to start our year. So far we have managed to keep it nice and tidy as well! Our new classroom has created much excitement, but not as much as Gary the skeleton! 


This term our main theme is 'To Infinity and Beyond' and we have begun our exciting topic of Earth and Space. The children have already produced some scale drawings to show the relative size of the sun compared to our moon, the Earth and other planets. I think everyone was surprised by the enormity of the sun! 

In English we are looking at science fiction and have started reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children have produced some excellent wanted posters, describing the Iron Man using simile and other language devices. 

Within our topic (history, geography, art and D.T) lessons the children have produced a timeline of significant changes in science and technology since 1930. Linking this with our Earth and Space topic will be interesting and hopefully result in some fabulous D.T models.  

The Year 6s are doing a great job helping the children in Class 1 settle in